Huawei Ascend D1


Another new product Huawei decided to debut is, this time, not a tablet. But a smartphone. The Ascend D1 comes with a lot of promise made by its manufacturers. And, after testing it for ourselves, it looks like the company has every right to advertise this handset as their best yet. It was first announced almost a month ago. Let’s see what impressed us about it and what left us with dislike from our following review.

A powerful Android ICS smartphone

Staying true to its legacy of being a manufacturer who mainly creates smartphones, Huawei comes with a handset which they named Ascend D1. This model is described, by the company behind it, as having looks which only streamlines sports cars feature. From what we saw, the design was a very pleasant one to look at. This smartphone is the kind of handset which gives off a very nice feeling. When we held it, it didn’t feel as if we were handling a brick. Plastic has been used on the rear; however, it does not qualify as a con, because it doesn’t appear or feel as something cheap. Other than that, this model has a lot of design similarities with Huawei’s previous Ascend D Quad.

The features as well as specs that the 64.9 mm x 8.99 mm Ascend D1 packs are the following: an Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, a 4.5″ touchscreen with 720 x 1,280 pixels, Texas TI OMAP 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, an 8MP camera, a second cam with 1.3MP, 1GB of memory, a 1800mAh battery, 8GB of ROM, Audience earSmart voice technology along with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound and GPS. Its weight is 132g.Huawei-Ascend-D1

The 4.5″ display is bigger than what today’s smartphones are used to. But that only means that you, as as user, will be able to watch content, play around with settings and so on on a screen that will let you see everything better. And yes, text and other essential things are very easy to read. What is more, the quality of colors, brightness, contrast and so on is very good. We did not really have problems when we used this smartphone outside where the sun was shining. We were able to enjoy what was on the screen without having to fear reflections and such. This phone was plenty responsive when we used multitouch gestures.

Improved battery life

The Ice Cream Sandwich OS makes it hard to recognize previous elements. And there are some cons about the main homescreen. Like, for instance, the fact that zooming out of the blue or having strange-looking icons.

Neither of the two cameras was any good. But you should never expect awesome results coming from a smartphone cam. Except if you are using Samsung’s or Apple’s devices.

The processor used by the Ascend D1 makes the experience feel quick. It is not enough to provide excellent speeds, but it most definitely doesn’t trail like a snake. And it does not freeze or lag in the middle of something.

The battery has enough juice for almost an entire day. It’s still better compared to nowadays’ smartphone whose batteries need to be recharged several times throughout a day.

As for connectivity, you get all the usual options. Nothing major seemed to miss from what we saw during tests performed by the review team. Audio quality was good.

Review conclusion

So this was the Huawei Ascend D1. This smartphones belongs to the mid/high category. As such, it performs well. It is already available in China. This month it will land on Russian shores.