A powerful phone at a good price

Among the gazillion of smartphones that have taken the gadget universe by rapid storm, few are cheap. Or at least few offer a decent price. So it is always great news to discover a handset many can own without meaning they have to give up on quality. $317 HTC One V is one of these rare birds. You can bet that this smartphone will be synonymous with good performance despite the low price it features. But, if we’re at it, we should warn you that its biggest con is its poor processor. Our review will tell you more about his handset.

Attractive design

If you made yourselves comfortable, let’s get this show on the road. We’ll start our testing program by mentioning this and that about the looks of the HTC One V. If you remember how the 2009 HTC Hero phone looked like, then you’ll have a sudden flashback when locking eyes with this new model. The One V looks similar to that ancient handset down to its aluminum body and bent chin. To some, the design will be attrcative. To others, probably not so much. But, in our own opinion, we find this strategy one to help this model look original when seen next to current smartphones all looking the same among each other. The material had a very pleasant feel when we used the One V to make a call. One-handed use will be of no issue. The size of this phone is similar to that of the recently reviewed iPhone 4S.HTC-One-V

A con of the design is how much the bottom’s edges stick out. Another con which should have not appeared in its specs: physical touch-sensitive keys instead of software-based buttons. But the 115g soon made us get sudden amnesia and love this handset for such great weight. Great thinness is assured by 9.2 mm.

3.7 inch Corning Gorilla Glass display

The touchscreen is 3.7″. Its Super LCD characteristics are met with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. On the left of the phone is a microUSB port. On the right sit keys for Volume. The button for Power and a 3.4mm audio jack are on the device’s top. The battery located under the rear cover is 1,500mAh. We couldn’t remove it when testing the handset.

After we had a look at the design and what options it held, we then moved to the inside of the One V. Where, surprise surprise, the OS was Ice Cream Sandwich. Interface was HTC’s personal 4.0.

5MP camera

The camera only had 5MP. But that wasn’t an awful sight to witness. The flaw was covered up by the fact that there was a backside-illuminated sensor. Low light conditions offered good pics due ti the cam’s F2.0 aperture. While shooting videos, we found ourselves able to also take still images. And take burst images. Which is usually unheard of when dealing with a cheap smartphone. When light was good, photos weren’t phenomenal. Their cons: inaccurate color balance and slow display.

Sound was generally good, thanks to pre-installed Beats Audio.

A single-core 1GHz processor won’t take you far if you use the One V. You will see that this model tends to have severe freezing attacks now and then. The battery did not die after a couple of hours; instead, it held its own a whole day. Also, quality of calls was without a flaw.

Review conclusion

Upon seeing that the HTC One V has an affordable price, consumers will want to try it right away. And they should. But if you crave a great CPU, the version on this phone won’t quench your thirst.