HTC Media Link HD


A gadget for your family

Wireless technology has known a constant growth along the years. As this happened, another thing could be observed: the need to have sophisticated options for streaming media from mobile gadgets to HDTVs. Companies are using many solutions to offer the aforementioned possibility. DLNA is one of these solutions. HTC made an attempt with it, but didn’t really succeed. So this time around, the manufacturer created the $90 Media Link HD. Find out from the following review if you should buy this invention or forget all about it.

Minimalist design

HTC’s Media Link HD is not a great beauty. But that doesn’t mean it’s ugly, because it certainly isn’t. It is a small black box with simple looks. It measures 3.31″ x 2.05″ x 0.48″, which makes it smaller than your standard credit card. If you look at it quickly, you will mistake it for its predecessor. The top of this device is glossy, so be prepared for fingerprints. The material used for its bottom is plastic. The only additions you’ll see on the exterior are 1 HDMI port, a button for reset and 1 microUSB charging port.

Among the features offered by the Media Link HD is HDMI mirroring. If you look at something on your smartphone, you will also be able to look at it on a PC monitor, HDTV and whatever screen compatible with HD. However, when we played something on our One S in tests, we saw that content wasn’t played at the same time as on our computer’s screen. It had to do with dual-screen effect.HTC-Media-Link-HD

Medium performance provided

Setting the device up was over and done with in a couple of minutes tops. If you own a phone and want to connect it to the Media Link HD, 2 steps are possible. The user is either given the option to establish their personal peer-to-peer network or they can grab hold of the same Wi-Fi hotspot. Doing one of the these is also very easy and fast. But, if you choose the peer-to-peer option, you have to nudge your phone into disconnecting and forgetting the Wi-Fi connection it uses.

Performance is not so excellent. The final production-grade pre-production unit we tested had many improvements, but work still needs to be done on the Media Link HD if HTC wants it to deliver superb quality in the performance sector. So we had a couple of situations where we would have loved to kick it out. But in the end we didn’t.

Split-screen functionality

After the setting up process, we experienced smooth mirroring. A pro point right there if we ever saw one. Browsing through the device’s apps, menus and so on happened in the flash of an eye. Lagging was not a nuisance. Another important pro. One of the most appealing features of the creation is its split-screen functionality. It enabled us to watch a movie and a home video on our TV set while looking through e-mails on our smartphone at the same time. Movies did not need to pause so as to buffer and it too 10 seconds only to see them on a TV. Looking at pics was also a pleasant experience. They appeared on our computer’s screen after a second.

But, if you want to enjoy all of this, your Wi-Fi connection should be strong. So the biggest con will actually come from you as a user. The P2P option will always be the better choice in this case.

Gaming is not really indicated. And storage is limited. If you rip movies from a DVD, their quality on the gadget is not great.

Test conclusion

All of the above things being mentioned, the HTC Media Link HD is a nifty device. Watching video content from it on a HDTV and such while simultaneously checking e-mails on a phone, for example, is a great pro. The cons might put some of you off, though, but it all depends on what you want from such a product.