A phone made for Sprint operator

Sprint made a collaboration with HTC a short while back. They then made this public and announced the result: EVO 4G LTE. It was a piece of news which Sprint was very much looking forward to give its customers. But to its surprise, many were expecting such a smartphone. But none of them had the slightest clue what its name would be. So at least that was a legit surprise. This device hasn’t yet been sent to stores to be bought. But when it does, expect it to cost $199. So, until then, we have time for a quick first test and review.

4.7 inch display

The HTC EVO 4G LTE is another of those smartphones sporting a long name. But well, this seems to become a new trend these days. This model is directly related to its previous EVO 4G. Back in those days, that device was Sprint’s first ever handset complete with 4G. Quite something to brag about for ever and ever. If we were them. But getting back to what we planned on writing in the first place, the EVO 4G LTE has its own reasons to be the next talk of the town. And it is a smartphone which stands apart from others.

In so many ways, HTC’s newest phone is different than the One X. Which are these “so many ways”? Well, for starters it looks unlike that model. And it’s the one thing that really sets the mood straight. Thanks to it, the device instantly becomes easy to recognize. The front of it stars a large touchscreen with 4.7 inches. It’s a 720p HD display and it is flanked by a number of 3 keys. On the top there are a speaker grill and a camera with 1.3 megapixels. When we turned the device over, its back was an interesting sight to see. Aluminum painted black is featured on two thirds. The rest sports a polycarbonate plastic back. The explanation for this choice was that this duality enables users to feel comfortable when snapping pics. And we can confirm that. Underneath that plastic back sit a couple of antennae. And also a microSD slot. If you ever feel like adding extra GB to the integrated 16GB.HTC-Evo-4G-LTE

Beats Audio supported

The EVO 4G LTE is easy to charge while using it in hands-free mode. All you need is its kickstand. Which was not possible when the first EVO 4G got released.

The HTC Rezound came with cool earbuds courtesy of Beats. But the phone supports Beats Audio.

Who doesn’t enjoy taking photos with their smartphone? For the majority of smartphone users who do, this model received a lot of attention in that area. The camera it boasts has an ImageSense functionality. Quality-wise, it will remind you about the experience delivered by both the HTC S and HTC X. It comes in very handy, because you don’t need to turn the phone on to access that option. Every single photo we took looked exceptional. And when we shot clips, they also looked good. Which goes to show that HTC is still master of its game.

Review conclusion

After testing the EVO 4G LTE for this review, we are ready to conclude that it is a smartphone to really be considered if you want a superior model to what you once owned. Design is very inspired, speed is good, its body is light and quality remains outstanding. If you cannot wait for its Q2 release, you can participate in its May 7th pre-sale event.