An affordable 21.5 inch LCD monitor from HP

There’s a new HP monitor in town. It’s called HP ZR22W and is one of the most affordable displays that come with an IPS panel. Moreover, it is one of those devices which offer a smaller screen and a finer dot pitch. We tested it and here is our review.

Full HD resolution

First off, the HP ZR22W has a basic design. The body, which measures 20.0″ x 2.5″ x 11.9″ and weighs 9.66kg, looks solid and is made of plastic which isn’t flimsy and the device won’t flip if you accidentally knock it over. The 21.5″ panel comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD resolution format, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 3000:1 dynamic contras rate and 8ms GTG response time. The panel features an anti-glare coating instead of other monitors’ glossy coating. The backlight is a high-quality CFL one, not a LED one, and the stand is made of plastic coated metal base; the latter helped us rotate, tilt, swivel and adjust the height of the monitor. HP-ZR22W

IPS panel technology

When we verified the ZR22W monitor for our review, the backlight helped us counteract eye fatigue after looking at the device for several hours non-stop. The IPS panel technology gave higher levels of color along with increased viewing angles; both the higher resolution and the aspect ratio offered a slight edge on other monitors. The controls did a good job and the product enabled us to manually set G, B and R channels on a scale of 0-255. Other pros we noticed: anti-glare made the display easy to see in direct sunlight and under fluorescent light, horizontal viewing angles were superb and the device worked very well when we used the portrait mode.

Very strong default settings

When it came to color, the ZR22W monitor offered some superb ones thanks to the IPS – or white light – panel. Still, whenever we wanted to play a game, we had to use a color calibration tool in order to get the most out of the colors, because the device’s graphics didn’t provide too much strength to them. We liked the fact that the black levels were somewhat warmer than other 22″ displays available on the market today. A con of LCD monitors is the following: the default brightness and contrast levels are much too strong for the user’s eyes. During our test we noticed that the best way to obtain the best and healthy viewing experience was to adjust the brightness so that it didn’t rise above 30-40% and let the contrast reach 50-70%.

Good connectivity options

In the connectivity department, the HP ZR22W sports VGA, DVI and DisplayPort. The latter is the successor of the popular HDMI port for professional monitors. It is regarded as superior to its predecessor because it enables multiple monitors to be connected to the same serial chain and has better bandwidth.
Some cons some users might find annoying: the anti-glare presented grain at certain times and vertical viewing angles weren’t that great, especially when the monitor was used by more than 2 persons.
The HP ZR22W consumed 25-30 watts when we used it at full brightness and 2 watts when in sleep mode.

Review conclusion

As we near the end of our review, we have to say that the latest HP ZR22W, though much more expensive than others, comes with a superb panel which graphics pros and lovers of multimedia, browsing and writing will certainly love.

Technical specifications

Screen Format16:09
Screen Size21.5 inch
Integrated CameraNot
Integrated MicroNot
Pitch in mm248
Vertical Resolution1080
Horizontal Resolution1920
Scanning Frequency Vertical Hz76
Horizontal scanning frequency in KHz94
Brightness250 cd / m2
Viewing Angle in Degrees178
Screen TypeLCD
Depth in cm6.4
Weight in kg0
Height in cm30.3
Width in cm50.7
Normal consumption in Watts33.5
Response Time in ms8
Contrast Ratio (X / 1)3000
Adjustable SupportYes
Power Consumption Standby in Watts0
LED technologyNo LED Technology