HP Z1 Workstation


First all in one desktop solution from HP

After not hearing much from HP lately, the company finally released a new product. It happened four days ago. The HP Z1 Workstation is a high-powered desktop PC and it marks the first time when this company makes a computer with an all-in-one form factor. The latter sports workstation-class hardware for the first time ever in the company’s history. We easily recognize an impressive device when we see it. And that’s exactly how it is with the Z1 Workstation, a product for people working in smallish graphics shops, consumers who do 3D rendering at Hollywood or any other super califragilistic place and people in the medical imaging business. After we finished our tests, this is what we thought of the product in this review.

Quadro mobile graphics

All-in-ones are sought after mainly because they are small and light. These two qualities lack on the HP Z1 Workstation. Even so, it’s a very big surprise to see that the brand was able to effortlessly throw a lot of stuff inside it. Like plenty of storage, Quadro mobile graphics, full-sized processors and, very important, RAM. But the product continued to surprise us even more in our testing phase. The effort that went into making the Z1 as easy to fold as possible is remarkable. The design was such, that we could see the components after two simple operations. The display was also very easy to open.hp-z1-workstation

The inside of the unit is the same as ever. Everything that was great on the original of the species was kept on this model. The internal components and its specs that make the product work at its fullest power can be removed without sweating too much over them. They’re all perfectly capable of not only being superb pros in their category, but also to give you the feeling that they won’t disappoint no matter what you think of doing with the Z1.

Good connectivity

The stand this system uses for support was made with extra care; because it has to carry a weight of over 40 pounds. It was also necessary to make it as easy to tilt as all other HP workstations are. Backwards and forwards tilts reached 25 degrees; up and down tilting reached a value of 100mm.The weight was not too much: we easily carried the product around for the fun of it. The screen is of 27 inches. For this value you get 2560 x 1440 pixels. Soon it was revealed to us that we could use the device in this review as a display only and it was fine. The hotkey onboard did that for us by switching between the two natures of the Z1.

To gain a good spot in everyone’s heart, devices of any kind have to have as many connectivity options as possible. The latest HP workstation doesn’t fail at that. The system went even farther on our good side when we saw it actually had Firewire, too.

Not too much can be said about the hardware. Other than that it’s one of the things which will confirm the brilliancy of the product they work for. Its design is of the simplest kind, but a very effective one at that.

Review conclusion

The HP Z1 Workstation will occupy a spot in your house starting with this April. The price for the first model will be somewhere around $1899 or a bit higher. That’s quite a lot, but be sure that it is a very good price for such a good product.