HP 2510i


Good characteristics at a small price. No HDMI port

This 25-inch monitor produced by HP sacrifices its HDMI port to keep a low price, but retains convenient perform.

HP 2510i monitor is a 25-inch full HD display with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. It is located in the range of the monitors with an attractive price and good overall performance .

The expectations before the testing

HP-2510iThe HP 2510i is actually a lighter version of another monitor – the 2509m model, released on the market in 2009. The aim is obviously to reduce prices, including the removal of the HDMI input on the display. The DVI port is HDCP compliant of course, to maintain compatibility with all types of HD content.

The display is also slightly changed, with a slightly lower response time. In our testing, we received about 2.5 ms better compared with the 3 ms for the display of 2509m. Its price is about 260 euros in online stores. Let’s check if this monitor is a good deal for a potential buyer.

The reality after testing

The first impression is that the design of the 2510i is very tasteful. The monitor is based on a very light metal foot, with a frame surrounded by a thin rim of chrome colored beautifully. The back of the monitor is also very simple, rounded, which softens its thickness ( just 7 cm). Not a lot to enjoy either, but the effort is very aesthetic in this case.

Very simplistic ?

Clearly positioned on a mid-range segment, this display is still very simple. It is unable to adjust its height, and the monitor can only recline a few degrees forward and backward. The base of the monitor is mounted, however, on a rotating disk allowing it to easily rotate from right to left. The lack of HDMI is also regrettable, it prevents the user to connect two different sources to digital at the same time. This is the price to pay… for that price!

The buttons used to access the setup menu of the image are located under the frame of the screen. However, they remain quite accessible to the user. GUI setting has good ergonomics compared with the previous model. Nothing to say on this side, the display is a success.

Great performance

Our tests revealed a display which performs very accurately. The response time was 7.8 ms factory setting, the overdrive was disabled by default, but it fell to a very good value of 6.5 ms after this option enabled in the interface settings of the monitor. The brightness is dazzling, but it is perfectly adequate, at 276 cd / m2, with a good contrast ratio of 955:1. Again, nothing bad to speak of, the viewing angles are limited, but that is the case with all displays that use TN technology.

Low level of consumption

HP 2510i also proves very honest in its energy consumption, with a result very good. Only 40.6 W in operation and 0.5W in standby, which is low for a 25-inch conventional backlight (CCFL). Note ,however, that displays like LED backlighting consume between 20 and 25 watt only …

Review and test conclusions

HP 2510i monitor has passed our tests with real ease. This 25-inch is not an “empty-wallet”, thanks to a good price and a moderate power consumption. A display to invite users without any hesitation, but if they want HDMI digital video input added at all costs, they will have to turn to a little more expensive models.

Technical specifications

Screen Format16:09
Screen Size25 inches
Pitch in mm0.288
Vertical Resolution0:00
Horizontal resolution1920
Integrated webcamNo
Integrated MicroNo
Screen TypeLCD
Height in cm43.56
Width in cm61.76
Depth in cm20.1
Weight in kg7
Scanning Frequency Vertical Hz76
Horizontal Scanning Frequency in KHz94
Brightness300 cd / m2
Brightness in Candela170
Contrast Ratio (X: 1)60000
Normal consumption in Watts60
Response Time in ms3
Adjustable BracketYes
Power Consumption Standby in Watts2
LED technologyNo LED Technology