Haier L32D1120


An attractive 32 inch cheap HDTV

Haier is a company originating from China. It’s an old one and their team makes all sorts of products for your home and work place. People on this side of the pond don’t really fantasize about what this manufacturer offers. It’s just that it’s not as known as Samsung or HTC are. Still, some of their TVs are really good. Like for instance the $267.89 L32D1120. Home entertainment has never been more attractive as it is made by this device. We haven’t rated that many offerings from Haier. So here we are reviewing this model. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Elegant design

Mostly popular for their cheap things, from bags to laptops, Chinese manufacturers have some powerful brands of their own. Haier is one of them, even if not many are familiar with this company. Their high definition TVs are, surprisingly perhaps, really good value. We looked through some of them on the official site and chose the L32D1120 for tests. We couldn’t have made a better choice. From start till finish, this product is a keeper.Haier-L32D1120

Put it on a table in either room and it will sit there looking simply beautiful. Your jealous friends will want a piece of it, too. The black gives it the type of elegance that other colors can’t. Its design is polished and elegant. Since all TVs today have one, the Haier L32D1120 comes with a stand that can be removed. Give it a push and the device won’t fall from where you put it. Its durability is considered one of its best assets. We agree wholeheartedly. Also, if you happen to be a parent of small children, this TV is completely harmless to them. The manufacturer didn’t forget to consider their customers’ health. The weight is kept light; so you won’t land in hospital with a broken back from moving the product.

Easy to use and to setup

It didn’t take us long to do the whole setup. That’s a given if you’ve Haier TVs before. The decision to mount the L32D1120 on the wall was also successfully completed in under 5 minutes. The user’s manual was very helpful in tests, but we could get along just fine without it. Preparations over, we then immersed ourselves in the set. Connecting this TV to the different gadgets we own was one of the simplest things. PC is also compatible with the set. As was going through all our channels. Gaming was a superb experience. The remote was the second best thing.

Accurate image provided

The L32D1120 will allure its owner with how well it keeps its promise before the review. A quick read of the TV’s description and you’ll think it offers Nirvana. It’s not exactly that, but it gets very close to that point. Watch a movie, play a clip or play a game and you’ll never want to be kept away from the device. There’s all the right amount of clarity, brightness, contrast and sharpness. Colors are rendered in the most accurate and beautiful way. Viewing angles can be a pain on other TVs. Here they’re just exceptional, compared with other specs TVs. In very dark rooms, the device won’t ruin your eyes. Audio quality had all the right ingredients to make us not reach for the volume button non-stop.

Review conclusion

The Haier L32D1120 shouldn’t be overlooked just because it’s made by a lesser known company. If you do that, you might miss on a cool TV.

  1. Zolika at 11:35 am

    The overall design of this TV is not very pleasant. The external border is big and the TV is somehow bulky. I prefer a Samsung instead of this model.