Gopro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition


A camera for your adventures

People who are all for recording their adventures in whatever foreign land can use a compact camcorder for that. HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition is the latest device to be issued by Gopro. This $299.99 compact camcorder can take in a lot of different environments and it doesn’t break while doing that. It is armed with great materials to withstand snowboarding, skydiving, rock climbing and other demanding tasks. Helmet cameras usually cost an arm and a leg. But this one is cheap: $299.99. Even if you manage to destroy it, you can get another one cheaply. You’ll find our thoughts about it in today’s review.

Simple design

If you want a camera that will go with you to Mordor itself, then you won’t want it to look elegant. That’s not the purpose of a kickass cam. The GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition is perfectly aware of that. So it looks as simple as possible. It is painted silver and its dimensions are as follows: 1.6″ x 2.4″ x 1.2″. 3.3 ounces is the weight it provides. Without a protective housing, the product we tested gained 5.9 ounces of weight. By comparison, the Contour+ is heavier and bigger. Measurements for this device are among its valuable pros.Gopro-HD-Hero2-Outdoor-Edition

Out of all the rugged cameras we have seen so far, this model has the least buttons. Namely: two. The one on the device’s top offers navigation, photo snapping and content recording. The key sitting on the cam’s front becomes two things: mode selector and power toggle.

Hidden menus

The menus hidden behind the display raise some problems, besides eyebrows. Scrolling through them will be somewhat hard. But the manufacturer only added a couple of settings, so your torment will not last that long. We personally think you should first familiarize yourself with the Hero2 Outdoor Edition and only after that use it. Otherwise you’ll just waste precious time.

Always keep in mind that this is a simple-looking cam. So if you don’t see too many connectors, choose another device. The left is covered in one SD video output, an input for a stereo mic and one miniUSB port. The USB cable is the only one to be included in the box.

The product reviewed here is supposed to be used while it sits on the user’s helmet. So that the latter knows when to record something, the cam offers alerts. There are 2 possibilities. Either the Hero2 Outdoor Edition flashes its 3 red lights or it gives a beep.

Good picture quality

The device does not come alone. It sports a housing that is waterproof. There are also a pivot arm, helmet and head straps and, finally, adhesive mounts. The con we hoped it wouldn’t be here: absence of a GPS system. If it were included, then the cam would have had a higher cost. But it would have been an ideal partner when going to foreign countries. Also, if there were GPS, the battery would have died faster. As it stands, its life is 2 hours. To make sure that some of its power isn’t lost, the camera has the possibility to be turned off. When you don’t use it for a longer period of time.

Picture quality is highly impressive for this price. Details were very clear in the test performed with the camera. Angles of view are quite a few, with 170° being the widest.

Review conclusion

Promises are kept with the GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition. It’s rugged, it costs less than most of its competitors and it has good performance.