Genius SP-900BT


Not much has been heard or seen in Bluetooth speakers land lately. Everyone’s busy with either smartphones or tablets. But things changed once Genius came with a new product. Which bears the name SP-900BT and has a price of $49.99. This one is unlike all the others that have been released so far. While it is not phenomenal, it still merits a spot in our list. So here is the review that we got to write about this new creation.

Bluetooth connectivity

Setting the Genius SP-900BT up does not require you to be a specialist. A fact that is an important pro nowadays when you need a bazillion user manuals to start working with gadgets. All this product needs is a recharge. That usually ends after almost 2 hours. Afterwards you just have to turn it on and press the key labeled Bluetooth for a second. After you see a light coming from the device’s LED, everything is set and ready for use.

Speaking of recharging, the amount of playback we were offered during the tests we did was 17 hours. Something we really enjoy seeing in Bluetooth speakers of this kind.

The most important specifications of the product are: 2.9 x 3.2 x 2.2 inches, batteries which offer about 8 hours of playback time and a total weight of 6.5 ounces.Genius-SP-900BT

However, we noticed something that turned into a con. If this Bluetooth speaker is turned on and then you don’t play around with it, it will give out a sound that will continue for hours if you don’t turn the device off.

Good overall performance

On the rear, this gadget is painted our favorite color: black. The surface of this product is a combination of silver and black. If you don’t like it, you can opt for the lime and white version. The 6.5″ weight of this product translates into easy operation. The bottom features a pad made of rubber. Which is there to protect the latest Genius from falling and getting broken.

The performance of the speakerphone is a good one, compared with other reviewed products. After we connected the product to our smartphone, we could either answer a friend’s call via the same speaker or the speakerphone. We could do the same with the phone itself. The quality was more than we bargained for.

As for the quality of the sound that came through the Genius SP-900BT, we don’t really have big complaints or cons to talk about. But remember to always avoid listening to music, for instance, with the volume turned at its loudest. Voices of singers sounded good, whatever the vocal range. Basses, however, had a tendency to have a hollow sound. An instrument that shone through very clearly in some of the songs we listened to was the piano.

Another con we discovered while testing the SP-900BT was its volume lowering. We disliked that it was an automatic one. We would have liked to modify it ourselves, as in choosing what we wanted to listen to.

Review conclusion

Alas, Genius did a good job with their newest SP-900BT. The fact that it can be used as a speakerphone is a very nice idea. You don’t see many such creations feature this possibility. Not to mention that the looks of this product are very inspired. There are many other devices like this one which deliver better battery. And audio. They also do not have that annoying automatic volume lowering. But even with these cons, the pros are in a bigger number. So we will recommend this creation to every consumer wanting to own something which offers value for money.