Genius G-Shot HD575T


There is no shortage of interest in video cameras. As proven by the many such devices still being released even these days. Genius’ $169 G-Shot HD575T of which we are discussing in this review below is an example of that. So take a seat and enjoy what we are about to tell you.

An extra light camera

The Genius G-Shot HD575T is stoked full of nice specifications. Among them we find a 3″ display, 0.032 Gigabytes of memory, a 4x digital zoom, an SD memory card, a 5x optical zoom, a F/3.5 aperture, a CMOS image sensor, a Li-ion battery. This cam has a good weight: 7.9 oz. It measures 110 mm x 58 mm x 50 mm.

There are not many cameras that could say they’re extra light. But this model sure is. It feels like a smartphone, actually, to tell you the truth. So much so, that there was no problem if we wanted to work with this device more than half an hour in one sit.Genius-G-Shot-HD575T

There are many connectivity options on the G-Shot HD575T. Out of them, the most important are the HDMI and the USB ports.

Arcsoft Total Media Extreme included

We soon discovered, during tests, that we could even fold out this camera’s screen. That enabled us to use the point and shoot method of view finding. This proved to be very helpful when snapping pictures. It also helped that the G-Shot HD575T shipped with many options, settings and so on. We could jump from one setting to the other right then and there without having to dig too deep in the cam’s menu.

You will be surprised, as we were, by the presence of something called Arcsoft Total Media Extreme. This is a full licensed version which features an editing component along with a player. Both of them delivered a very good performance in tests. Because there are not many video editing suites on this device, the addition of the above option is very thoughtful from the part of the manufacturer.

Good colors quality

And now we will go on by telling you about the performance. On the whole, it was good. As long as the light was normal. Because if it’s not, results will be poor. Meaning that photos will have noise; also, the colors will look dark. But when the light is right, pics will look much better. Despite some instances where the end results will appear somewhat darker than usual. But the quality of colors was superb. Even if we saw some noises in the photos we took, the aforementioned colors still looked really beautiful. Their saturation was also perfectly acceptable. Crispness also made many appearances throughout our pic snapping.

Videos can be shot in 1080p and it is all high definition. We were content with what we saw. Clips will never look as good as photos did, but you can still use the G-Shot HD575T if you want to go to a concert or in your garden.

Review conclusion

Genius is not as famous of a name as Panasonic and Samsung, just to name a few of the more popular brands. But this company’s G-Shot HD575T handles it all well in this review. Its major pros are its lightness, the easiness with which it works and its performance now and then.