Gateway FHX2402L


A slimmest LED monitor from Gateway

There’s a new Gateway monitor in town. This one is called Gateway FHX2402L and is viewed as one of the slimmest LED monitors around. It presumably delivers power efficiency, great image quality and stylish design. Does the device rise up to expectations? Find out the answer from our following review.

Beautiful design

The FHX2402L is one of the three newest monitors launched by Gateway. All of them offer the same dynamic contrast rate, resolution and brightness. The one we’re reviewing today and the FHD2303L are the most expensive of the group. In terms of design, this model is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen lately. The body is both sleek and slim with its 22.58″ x 6.16″ x 15.94″ and 4.2kg. The bezel is a glossy black one and the black stand is a distinctly shaped one, with an aluminum finish; it offers a nice contrast with the thin panel and base. The front houses a very beautiful 24″ screen and five analog keys on the bottom-right side. The display has a matte finish and the rear comes with a mesh pattern which is resistant to fingerprints.Gateway-FHX2402L

Clear Full HD image

The Gateway FHX2402L sports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD, TFT active-matrix TN display, 16:9 aspect ratio, 12.000.000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 60Hz refresh rate. All of these combine to deliver HD picture quality, clean lines and crisp details. As a con, the device has no possibility to adjust elevation or the possibility to swivel it to the right or left; fortunately, it can be tilted. The 16:9 aspect ratio spec enabled us, during the test for this review, to watch HD digital content without having to experience image distortion. Visual performance was both improved and enhanced thanks to the monitor’s 250 cd/m2 brightness and 16.7 million colors.

Very fast response time panel

The FHX2402L boasts 2ms response time, which is very fast when compared to other monitors. This meant that we could view high quality moving images. Because the Gateway FHX2402L doesn’t have a glossy screen, it still performed great in the uniformity and color purity. Moreover, each shade was displayed clearly and images had great quality, because the device delivered every detail, even the minutest one. What it excelled in was the resolution matrix, sharp matrix and corner-resolution results. Lines were sharp and had distinguishable spaces between each of the lines. Color gradation was also clearly defined. Patterns had no motion.

Good connectivity

What it didn’t excel at were the gray screen uniformity tests where it displayed darker shades in the upper-right corner of the display, and the dark-screen results, which showed light leakage and uneven splotches. When we played various games we were pleased to see that the monitor delivered precise textures and details and that it lacked smearing.
In the connectivity department, the Gateway FHX2402L sports DVI, VGA ports and all-digital HDMI interface. The latter offered an excellent HD viewing experience and great quality uncompressed video when we hooked the device to a gaming device or a DVD player.
The product is an eco-friendly one thanks to its white LED backlighting technology, stringent energy consumption and recyclable packaging materials.

Review conclusion

All in all, after this test, the Gateway FHX2402L is a superb monitor with great overall performance and image quality. What is more, it helps protect the environment and your wallet.

Technical specifications

* ultra-thin, stylish design
* stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution
* Ports: VGA, DVI (w/HDCP) & HDMI (w/cable)
* Features: 1920 x 1080 (native & maximum resolution 12,000,000:1 MAX (dynamic contrast ratio)
Cases and Expandability
* Weight: 9.2 pounds
* Size (LWH): 22.58 inches, 6.16 inches, 15.94 inches