Gateway FHD2303L


A good price LCD monitor from Gateway

If you want to get yourself a new LCD monitor that is good-looking, performs well and comes at an affordable price, then the new Gateway FHD2303L might be the ideal device for you. It has some cons, but overall is a good buy. Don’t believe us? We tested the product and here is what we have to say about it.

Stylish design

When talking about design, the new FHD2303L is quite the looker with its glossy black chassis featuring smooth corners and silver-colored neck. The body is slick and stylish with the translucent plastic that’s covering the bezel. The monitor has the following weight, measurements and depth: 4.2kg, 22.1″ x 6.1″ x 16.3″, 0.8″. The device isn’t, therefore, one of the thinnest ones out there. The product comes with a stand which measures 13.4″ x 4.9″ and has a 23 inch LCD panel. What we liked about the monitor, when we rated it for our review, was the fact that it gave us the possibility to tilt it back 10 degrees. But that’s where ergonomic options stop. The middle of the product sports connection options. Gateway-FHD2303L

Medium performance

An OSD array made of four keys sits on the bottom right side of the Gateway FHD2303L. It comes with controls for things like contrast, brightness and a gamma function. The power button is placed on the right of the OSD. As a con, the menu will take some getting used to and you might experience some frustration, because you’ll most likely press the wrong key many a time.
Let’s now see how the new FHD2303L LCD monitor did in terms of overall performance. In the viewing angle department, the monitor did a fairly good job; what we didn’t like was the fact that, when we looked at it from the bottom or the sides, we noticed a darkening about 6″ off from the center. Although that’s a typical thing for a TN LCD panel, it’s nonetheless a bit annoying.

Motion Bitmaps technology

When talking about text quality, the FHD2303L from Gateway we are reviewing today performed well: we liked the fact that the fonts were visible even down to a 6.8 size and there weren’t color problems when viewing black text on a white background. If you want the best settings ever when watching a movie or playing a game, you should set the contrast to 34 and the gamma set to 2.4. But, if you want to experience really great and true-to-life colors, you’ll have to buy another monitor. In the color-tracking test, this one experienced a very glaring green push whenever we watched a movie. When it came to the Motion Bitmaps and Dark Screen tests, the product did a good job. The Black Level rating showed that the FHD2303L encounters problems when displaying dark detail, which can be annoying when watching a movie.

Good energy consumption

When we connected our digital camera to this monitor to see how our photos looked, we noticed that the display showed them with a greenish tint and faces didn’t have enough red; calibration didn’t improve things, but fortunately everything turned out well after adjusting the settings. Playing games was a pleasant viewing experience.
In terms of power consumption, the newest Gateway FHD2303L did pretty well: it consumed 24.3 Watts when on and 0.83 Watt in sleep and standby modes.

Review conclusion

As we near the end of our review, one thing is sure: the latest monitor coming from Gateway is a good-looking device with good performance and a good price.

Technical specifications

* Ports: VGA, DVI (w/HDCP) & HDMI (w/cable)
* Features: 1920 x 1080 (native & maximum resolution 12,000,000:1 MAX (dynamic contrast ratio)
* Weight: 9.24 pounds
* Size (LWH): 22.1 inches, 6.11 inches, 16.28 inches