Garmin Zumo 660


There can never be too many navigational systems for our cars, bicycles and so on. After reviewing another model from Garmin, we found ourselves looking at another one from the same manufacturer. Because they are that good. At least the version we tested, the Zumo 660, is much better than the previous Zūmo 550.

A new easy to use GPS

The size of the new Zumo 660 is 136 mm x 83.4 mm x 24 mm. This makes the unit bigger in dimension compared to other models. A 4.3″ touchscreen is here, too, and it includes 480 x 272 pixels, the weight is 270g, 4GB of internal memory and a removable lithium-ion battery with 3.5V, 1880mAh and 6.7Wh.

Just like the previous 550 model, this one does not feature new stuff. Which is fine, because it makes everything easier to perform. The features of this unit are the following: lane assist, Where Am I?, 3-D building view, vocalization of street names, photo navigation, preloaded street maps for North America, Bluetooth wireless and optional FM traffic alerts. This GPS unit will continue to function even it it’s used while outside it’s raining.

Power input means a motorcycle mount with integrated DC harness, an automotive power cable and cradle, compatible USB 2 ports and an optional USB charger.garmin-zumo-660

But newer is not always totally better and depending on what the individual consumer or user is looking for, the 660 will be just about perfect, or seen to be lacking certain necessities. We tried hard to get a secure connection with several gadgets, but we couldn’t.

IPx7 certification standard

This Zumo 660 has a body that is slim, but the weight makes it a bit tiresome to hold with one hand. But that doesn’t take away its excellent speed when using it. There is even a 3D mode available. We especially enjoyed using the touchscreen. The colors it delivered, the easy legibility and the way it looked were all very nice. Likewise, navigation was very smooth and easy to perform in tests.

If you want to clear user data at some point, the Zūmo 660 has something called Clearing User Data reset. To access it, you only have to press your finger to the lower-right corner of the device’s display and the open the GPS unit. You will see a query message. If you are sure you want to delete data, click the Yes option.

The sound offered by the unit’s stereo speakers is not great. But we could easily stream through Bluetooth all sorts of tunes. Use a pair of headphones or something alike.

This product comes with IPx7 certification standards. This assures the consumer that the device is not dangerous to him or her.

Garmin made a navigational system that is not quite as good as what they used to manufacture. There are some cons to it, mostly represented by things that are missing. But on the whole, we did not have many reasons to complain about it. What bugged us the most, though, was how out of the blue the Bluetooth would shut down. And it wasn’t our fault it did that when we reviewed it. Garmin should look into the matter and find a solution for future models. Because as much as we tried, we didn’t manage to make the feature work again, not unless we reverted to that Clearing User Data. But that implied us losing precious data.


The Garmin Zumo 660 is not the company’s best effort to date. And yet, we wouldn’t like to use any other GPS system than this one. Or other models if we want more.