Garmin Zumo 350LM


Enough of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other popular gadgets that are all the rage right now among various categories of consumers. We wanted to try something else this time around. And so our sights fell on a GPS unit that seems to have them all. At least if we are to pay attention to what Garmin is writing about their Zumo 350LM. But true to our nature, we instead grabbed a model that is made of the company’s latest series of GPS devices and tested it. The above review is written so as to share an opinion on this product. A product on which we have the following thoughts.

10.9 cm display

Garmin uses only the best adjectives when they advertise their Zūmo 350LM. But it’s only natural. Among these compliments, several stick out. Such as its resistance to extreme conditions and so on. Curious to see whether the claims were true, we prepared for the test.

The type of customer that the manufacturer aims for its latest GPS system should be made of people who love going by bike. They are the ones who need a device that will offer protection against dangerous external stuff and still function properly. Its solidity can be seen and felt at once in the way it is designed.

Every GPS that we have encountered has had a good display that responded really well to our touch. And so does this model. But that was to be expected from a Garmin product. The touchscreen on this Zūmo 350LM in particular is 10.9 cm in dimension. Its interface is the kind that is easy to use. Apart from that, we could, while reviewing it, make out text even when we were outside under the sun.Garmin-Zūmo-350LM

In real life conditions, this system behaved in a very admirable way. Especially thanks to its pro of remaining in one piece even after being subjected to water. Using it on our own bike was a very nice experience. We didn’t see it fall to the ground, because it comes with a special mount. This device can also be used in a car thanks to its car mount.

TracBack technology

Maps are updated on a regular basis. And the user gets lifetime map updates as a bonus. Which are very handy at any time. The set doesn’t include a Bluetooth-enabled helmet.

Before this model, we had to figure out what road to take after careful deliberation. And most of the times we were wrong about it all. But the Zumo 350LM now offers lane assist with junction view. This feature delivers very easy navigation wherever you may be.

The features you get are as follows: a USB cable, preloaded City Navigator NT North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bahamas), a Quick start manual, mounting hardware, an automotive suction cup mount, motorcycle mount with power cable, lifetime maps and one automotive power cable.Garmin-Zūmo-350LM-back

Another feature is TracBack. Its role is to go back to where you came from in a swift manner. Exit Services is an option which is good for finding out about restaurants, gas stations and other important landmark. For those moments when such a thing is needed, this GPS unit has a speed limit indicator. If you need to be reminded of when to change oil, check the pressure of the tires and such, this device lends a helping hand with its Service History Log. Creating a new route to follow is another possibility, thanks to a feature called BaseCamp.

Review conclusion

The Garmin Zūmo 350LM has all the right makings of a great GPS unit. It’s very helpful indeed.