Garmin Rino 650


A handheld new GPS device

As soon as we were aware there was a GPS device we still hadn’t tested, we tracked a copy down and took it for a few hour spin. Our most favorite GPS has to be Garmin’s 530hcx. The irony of that is that the product we tested for this review also belongs to Garmin. Which called it Rino 650. Its price on Amazon is $445.03. But this is a handheld device, so don’t consider it if you want the classic one. But, all of that aside, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Waterproof protection

You would say, from looking at the Garmin Rino 650, that there is not much going on. But you’d be wrong. Because even if the exterior isn’t much to talk about, the inside is. While looks are not impressive, we admit that we enjoyed how solid the body was. It did not protest when thrown on the floor. It resisted our rough handling very well. The Rino 650 measures 1.8″ x 2.4″ x 7.5″. As for weight, it is 11.2 ounces. Oh, and the device has the great pro of not dying when used underwater. Garmin trusted it with great protection against that.Garmin-Rino-650

Screen is responsive to touch. This 2.6″ display is a color TFT which can be touched even when the user wears gloves. That is a pretty rare trait in nowadays’ gadgets. Especially in GPS systems. And it also resisted attacks from scratches. Its crispness is not that great. Brightness is also so and so in both good and bad light. But holding it, we managed to feel very comfortable.

Good responsiveness

Since weight is good, that’s what you get. Buttons are manual and respond very well when they are pressed. The 2-part charger that Garmin seemed to have a thing for is, on this model, thankfully gone.

The radio offered by the Rino 650 can transmit from the exact same distance. Garmin did not feature it with something new in that area. And it neither offer amazing quality. Which is pretty bizarre, considering this device is coming from Garmin. Updates didn’t happen as frequently as on the Garmin 530hcx. We don’t really understand why, but it’s a con all the way.

Easy to navigate menu

The software installed on the Rino 650 contributes to the device being extremely easy to navigate. We immediately found certain functions into device reviewed today. We only pressed a key once. In a couple of cases we pressed twice. But that was all. No million hits just to access something. From that point of view, the product can be operated after only 5 minutes of explanation from someone who already used it. The con of this kind of software: there’s more space for pics than there is for waypoints. Now that is really frustrating. Garmin has to fix that asap.

The scramble feature the radio was having is now officially gone. Great news, at least for us. The product delivers built-in maps. Every GPS unit should have those pre-installed. You can see maps with shading, although we don’t recommend that; they’ll be difficult to read and dark. Overlaying maps that are personal over those which are topo maps is an operation that goes without problems. All that stuff is usually done via Google Earth. The time it takes to finish that: around 40 minutes.

Review conclusion

The Garmin Rino 650 as a handheld GPS is very accurate. The battery is a tough one, lasting 2 days. This device is an appropriate one if you plan on using it for communicating outdoors.

  1. Mark at 9:48 am

    I like very much the speed of the menu of Rino 650. The device is fast and easy to use. I recommend you this GPS without any doubts.