Garmin Nüvi 255W


An entry level GPS from Garmin

If it comes to Garmin, people are thinking more at the Garmin wrist watch, rather than at GPS navigators. That is mainly because Garmin is in the GPS navigators market in the entry level, therefore it isn’t very popular among drivers.
This is why today we’re going to review Garmin Nuvi 255W: to help people make a clear view upon this product, and to see if it suitable or not for them and their car. Let’s see the review and test results !

A good price

Garmin-Nuvi-255WFirst of all, its retail price is ranging from $100 to $199. Still, it can be bought from big online resellers for a price that can go below $100, therefore before buying it, you may check all the major electronics resellers you know.
Secondly, unlike the other GPS navigators, Garmin Nuvi 255W is definitely a big one: its official sizes are 4.8*0.8*2.9, therefore you may easily see that this one is one of the biggest of its kind.

Big display

Moreover, as concerning its display, it is based on a 4.3 inches screen that runs a 480×272.
As well, in test, it is quite easy to use. Just after we turned on the device, we were asked to select either the destination, either to view the map so we can set a destination easier. If the users choose to set a location, then they are asked to type the address, or at least some reference points, in order to set a destination. The destination can be set also using the favorites previous destination feature (Garmin Nuvi 255W can record up to 10-15 routes), fact that makes a whole lot easier the using of this GPS navigator.

Clear sound indications

It was a pleasure to see in test that unlike other more expensive navigators, Garmin Nuvi 255W has a good audio feature. It’s not as good and clear as a TomTom navigator, but at least you will hear the indications loud and clear.
Another feature that is worthy to be mentioned is the “Where Am I? ” feature. This allows the drivers to get exact information about their location in their very moment, fact that we believe that it is extremely helpful for those who get lost easily, while driving through unknown places.
Moreover, while using it, we noticed that, unlike other GPS navigators, Garmin Nuvi 255W is very fast: if the route is changed with another one, the computer reacts very fast and shows the proper route in just a matter of 1-3 seconds.

Review conclusions

Therefore, considering all the above aspects, Garmin Nuvi 255W is one of those low-cost GPS navigators that is perfectly suitable for all the type of drivers. After the tests performed for this review, its behavior is generally impressive, even though it’s less portable than a TomTom navigator. Therefore, in case you are looking for a GPS navigator, Garmin Nuvi 255W should be in your top 5 options list.