Garmin Nüvi 2340 LMT


The latest Garmin GPS: free lifetime updates

The latest GPS launched by Garmin is called Nuvi 2340 LMT. Apparently this new product offers a successful design, ease of use and full time access to all the next updates, for free and for lifetime. Is is worth ? We must see the review, to find the answer. 🙂

The expectations before test

garmin-nuvi-2340-lmtOne of the most important GPS producers, Garmin, was decided in March to launch on the market a new series of GPS devices called Nuvi 2340. This product is available in three versions: an entry level, a medium range and a high end model.

Today we’ve decided to stop at the high end model, called 2340LMT. Apparently this seems to be the model with the most features included, comparing with its brothers. The price of this GPS is about 199 euros and in this price you have included full access to traffic information data and access to the next updates of the European maps. The updates of the maps are offered by the producer for life…

Compared with competition, this model seems to offer more features because they don’t offer this possibility in the price of the gadget. Another important point is the Garmin technology called Photorealism. This technology uses real images on the map, on the important places of the road, like the highway exits, for example. The features looks good on the paper but is Nuvi 2340LMT good enough to be a good copilot when you are on the road ? Let’s see the test !

The reality

At the first sight, the new Nuvi 2340LMT has an ordinary design, without any notable elements. The GPS is very light with just 162 grams weight. If you compare the Nüvi 2340 LMT with an iPhone, for example, you will see that the weight differences are very small. The miniaturization of 2340LMT is very good. IN the same time, the dimensions are good, too. The display diagonal is about 10.9 cm and the external dimensions are 12.3 x 7.6 x 1.6 cm. You can take with you the GPS in a pocket of your jacket, when you leave the car.

The Nüvi 2340LMT – weak ergonomics

The software provided by Garmin in this model seems to have some ergonomic problems. And this is not the first model with problems like this one. The interface of the new Nüvi 2340LMT is very similar with the old generation of Garmin products. A bad point are the small letters, difficult to type, from the keyboard. If you want to introduce an exact location, like the number of the street, you will see that the numbers look very unnaturally, with a strange position on the screen…

We like the voice guidance instructions which are clear and easy to understand. The Photoreal technology is far better than the competitors techniques. For example RealityView technology used by Navigon, for example is not able to provide such quality of details like the Garmin offer. The images provided in test are very good and you cannot be wrong if you use it to guide you.

Full access to traffic information

If you want to buy an Garmin Nüvi 2340 LMT you must know that this model is capable to provide you full access to traffic information in real time. You have access to different operator alerts, offered by a a service called V-Traffic. Anyway, this technology is not comparable with similar technologies of competitors but the info provided is still very useful. In this way you have access to the alternative routes if a problem appear on the route. However, the data are not very often updated but is still able to offer some valuable info when you are in your car.

Review conclusions

After our tests performed for this review we can said that the new Nuvi GPS 2340LMT is a good choice. In the 199 euros you will have full access to all the Garmin updated maps, a real advantage compared with the competitors. You will have access to the next updates, even if you will use the data for another GPS made by the same producer. We just hope that the nest firmware will solve the problems with the number of the streets.

Technical specifications

Comes withCigarette-lighter cable, USB cable, windscreen mounting
DetailsAuto, FM traffic receiver, Pre-installed Safety Camera Database
General Characteristics
MappingWestern Europe
Number of countries24
Size10.9 cm
Radar warning users via CoyoteNo
Specificities3D, 2D, Radars, panels, lanes, speed limits
GuideVisual, voice, text, Advanced Lane
Voice applications
DetailsText to Speech
Traffic infoPremium
DetailsExceeding speed limits, safety cameras, and mobile safety cameras, street name
Update mappingFree updates for life
Update info radarNot Disclosed
Update traffic infoFree Lifetime
Dimensions and Power
Works connectedYes
LoadingCigarette lighter
Weight162 g