Garmin Nüvi 1490TV


A GPS with digital TV included

The previous Nüvi GPS model became the Garmin 1490TV. This is the second generation model of this kind of GPS and it is equipped with an antenna able to receive in good conditions digital TV channels. The Nüvi Garmin 1490TV is not just a simple GPS, it is actually a multimedia tool that uses its 12.7 inch diagonal for the benefit of navigation, but it also works as a small TV receiver.

The model 1490T from Garmin was announced in the summer of 2009 and is able to provide signal for GPS purposes on a very large display. The Nüvi 1490TV, reviewed today employs this display of 12.7 cm diagonally (5 inches), which is so spacious that the manufacturer decided to use it for multimedia applications.

Good receptivity

Garmin-nuvi-1490TV This intelligent GPS includes a tuner for it and a small antenna that is able to receive TV channels in digital quality, if you are in an area covered by Digital TV transmission. With the gadget you have access to two antennas to be sure that you are able to receive signal in areas with difficult reception.

However, this is a small TV that is extra handy and its purpose doesn’t extend to being used while you are driving. Even so, the manufacturer does not block the use of the TV mode on the road. A warning is issued when the GPS detects movement, but that’s to make the user take responsibility. After all, the Nüvi 1490TV can be convenient for other passengers if you know the route.

A lot of changes

Apparently, the basis is the same as the Nüvi 1490T, but for this model Garmin also decided to make some changes. The Nüvi 1490TV is able to reproduce sound on its own integrated stereo audio system and also offers a headphone jack. Another thing is a video input that can accommodate a rear view camera which is optional.
For this model Garmin has also opted for a long battery life, which doesn’t run out too quickly. The manufacturer claims a battery life of 3 hours and 30 minutes in television mode. In our test the battery life was about 2 hours and 50 minutes. Anyway, this model comes with its own charger.

The same characteristics for the GPS

The Nüvi 1490TV incorporates the characteristics of its predecessor for this GPS module. Thus, it features a map of Europe (with 43 countries) and includes impressive navigation functions. You have premium subscription to traffic information for live traffic alerts and warnings on speeding and road signs. There are display wizard guides on routes, too. A Bluetooth connection is also able to take phone calls / hands-free phone from the GPS screen while you’re in your car. This model will be available in April 2010 at about 299 euros in online stores.

Positive points (pros)

* Good size of the display;
* Digital TV reception ability for the reviewed model;

Negative points (cons)

* Nothing

Technical specifications

Screen Size (diagonal inches): 12,7;
GPS Software: Garmin City Navigator;
Traffic Info: Yes.
Cards delivered: Europe;
Radar provided: Yes;