Garmin eTrex 20


And we’re back once more with a GPS unit. Made by Garmin, of course. The eTrex 20 has many attributes that concur to make it one of the best devices in its area. The battery, for instance, is one of its greatest pros. And the price is affordable. We reviewed it and remarked the following.

First and foremost, the design was the one to draw us in and want to learn more about this eTrex 20 GPS unit. And we saw that it was perfect for handling, as it had a light body and comfortable quality. In fact, Garmin made this tool the lightest and smallest in its series. You can take it anywhere with you, even to the mountainside.

Slow interface

The menu of this device is accessible in a very easy way. We only had to press a button and that was that. The system’s main menu can be navigated with the product’s toggle. We couldn’t employ our own fingers. Which might annoy some users. The device sports 6 keys. On the whole, we saw that we didn’t need half an hour to work our way around this eTrex 20 for our review. To see how much was left of the battery, we pressed the key for Power. The interface is one of the biggest cons. It does not deliver fast speeds at all. The accuracy that we got was less than ideal. The resolution is 176 x 220 pixels.Garmin-eTrex-20

The eTrex can be customized by using its six profiles. And it helps with whatever you may want to use it for. However, the display will not be loved by consumers: it’s much too small. But the battery was just…wow. It provided us with 25 hours of activity.

The poor accuracy is influenced by the size of the model’s body. Which is, as we already wrote, on the rather small size. Another element that has poor performance is the reception. But the smallness of the screen also makes text a bit difficult to read. Data fields need a lot more space to look good while they are in the map view. There is a microSD data card.

Glonass technology

Memory is 1.7GB. The eTrex 20 offers compatibility with the topo maps that the manufacturer is also providing. The best view and scale at which to look at them was, during our tests, BirdsEye satellite imagery and 1:24,000. Also, we could know how much was left till we reached our destination. The addition of a feature called GLONASS was also more than welcome. With it turned on, the eTrex 20 could easily deliver us satellite reception that is a whole lot more accurate than models without it included. So far, Garmin did not include this possibility on its earliest models. So maybe this will be the first out of many others in the future.

This GPS unit can easily accept a carabiner clip. This is made possible via a rail mount made of plastic. This is good news, since not many such devices offer this option. And it definitely made the experience more enjoyable on the whole wherever we were.

Review conclusion

The eTrex 20 created by one of the best GPS manufacturers, Garmin, is a device that should really feature on your shopping list if you want a great entry level GPS system. The tests we did showed good performance and many useful features than enhanced the overall experience.