Garmin eTrex 10


After reviewing Garmin’s $110 eTrex 20, we thought it was a good idea to test the previous eTrex 10, too. And we are glad we did, because this GPS unit is pretty good for its category. However, its cons stop it from becoming our favorite GPS system ever.

The screen that the eTrex 10 uses doesn’t have such an engaging resolution. It’s far less in pixels than the eTrex 20. This and the fact that its color of choice is a monochrome silver added to our displeasure during testing season.

Improved signal reception

Garmin is known for including a lot of helpful and easy to use features. The model analyzed today sure has all of that. In other words, the eTrex 10 sports these: cache filtering, advanced track navigation and GPS+GLONASS (for better reception). The track navigation feature brings to the table the possibility of having a look at elements such as hint, description, logs and so on. Your trail distance will be offered to you by this feature in an estimate. The GPS+GLONASS feature is thrown into the mix so that the GPS system delivers superior reception. Another advantage of using such a device is the possibility to opt for a track to navigate. After the user chooses one, the device is going to create a route. If the unit discovers one or more waypoints, it will add them for future use.

Any GPS device comes with the option to mount it on a car or bike or any other kind of means of transportation you may wish to use. This model does not boast a carabiner clip in the box. But it has a mounting spine that is really hard to use. Tracking accuracy was by far one of the best for such a product.Garmin-eTrex-10

Impressive battery

Naturally, Garmin had to add many keys on its product. There are 6 on this version. The thumb stick one from the front is one that can be toggled. It is very useful when you have to navigate the device’s menu. Another important button is the Power/Light one. This key indicates how much battery is left, the status and the hour or date. The keys for Zoom in/Zoom out lend a helping hand if the user wants to navigate menu lists without seeing all the pages. Finally, the Menu key is used to show what is in the menu structure. And the way to do that is thanks to a context sensitive menu. The interface that we got to play around with sticks to the same design as older models.

Like in the case of the more modern eTrex 20, the eTrex 10 has phenomenal battery life. According to results, it lasted 31 hours. Which is such a great figure for a GPS unit that isn’t the best out there.

Review conclusion

The Garmin eTrex 10 also belongs to the same category of entry-level GPS navigation systems. It does not come cheap, though. But at least you have the guarantee that it will not break down when you need it the most. This device is a great tool for people after paperless geocaching units. The model we reviewed on this page also comes with an interface that won’t give you headaches. The features are really good, especially the advanced track navigation offering. All of these turn this model into a product that deserves the attention of everyone wanting a new GPS system.