Garmin Approach G6


A GPS for golf players

If you don’t spend all of your free time in front of a laptop, smartphone or TV, then you must surely practice a type of sport. Those of you who love to golf have, at some point, found themselves wanting some kind of device for their hobby. Garmin, the producer of GPS systems, knew the time would soon come for something like that. And so came into being their latest gadget: Approach G6. The great pro about this product is that it’s not aimed solely at professionals, but also at amateur golfers. From what our tests revealed in this review, the new gadget will certainly find admirers among you guys and girls.

Fast and easy to use

If you have ever tried and played golf, then you are aware of a difficult situation. Which arises when you start to misjudge the distance of a shot. That ends up ruining your chance of getting a good score on a hole. The Garmin Approach G6 came into this gadget world to take away your pain.

Before starting with our test, we opened the box the device came in. And we immediately fell in love with it, because it was ready to work on the spot. Only these steps are necessary: charging up and turn it on. Then we took a tee, put it in the earth and a golf ball on top. In the meanwhile, the Approach G6 had already locked onto a satellite and located the gold course we were in. It even, amazingly, told us that we were on our first tee.Garmin-Approach-G6

27,000 preinstalled courses

The screen of the gadget is color TFT. After all of the above ends, the display will then show the user a 2D layout of the hole that is ahead. Every marker on the hole gets displayed. After you place the unit on your pants’ belt, the device will count the yards you make. So, if you feel like checking a yardage, just throw a glance at the product’s screen and you will find out. Simple as that.

The number of pre-installed golf courses is 27,000. Enough to satisfy even professional golf players. When a new course is added, the Approach G6 will feature it in its list. Using the gadget opens up the possibility to toggle the map on the road, so to say. It will certainly simplify playing golf, especially for rookies.

Detailed images

Personal features are more than welcome. We could review putts tally, use the system as a score card and other exciting possibilities. The Approach G6 is great for golfers who prefer planning a hole shot-by-shot. All that is required from you as a user is to tap the device’s screen where you plan on hitting the ball; the system will then let you know the distance left to the green. Real heaven for golfers, ain’t it?

Another pro about this Approach G6 is that it lets you see the green in a more detailed view. Touch the display wherever and the latter will start zooming in. The picture will show you traps and and sloping greens. That’s a really sensational feat.

4 hours is how much you’ll be able to use the gadget for. That is terrific, because the body is really small.

Review conclusion

The Garmin Approach 6G costs £300. That is not a cheap price. However, the product will make you feel more confident about your golfing skills.