G DATA AntiVirus 2012 review


An antivirus with tradition from G Data

The first G DATA AntiVirus was first launched more than 20 years ago. The company is famous for the quality of its products and their new G DATA AntiVirus 2012 promises to be on equal footing with BitDefender, Norton and the like. We tested it on our laptop and here is our review.

Fast and easy installation

First of all, let’s see whether this software is easy to install or not. This security software is available for free download. When we tested it we encountered no problem in this department. The process finished in less than 10 minutes and we had to afterwards restart our laptop. After that was over, the actual product was very easy to use, so beginners have no reason to worry. Professional users will also find it extremely to manually use the software and its monitoring performance. The G DATA AV 2012 had the great advantage of running silently in the background. The interface is greatly simplified; the main screen sported a quick security overview and the main options were located on the main dashboard.G-DATA-AntiVirus-2012

Not many features

In terms of features, this product offers both essential ones and others. Among the latter are the self-learning fingerprinting and whitelisting and the integration of two separate scanning engines. While the former automatically analyzed files and figured whether they were a threat or would be one, the latter effectively scanned both engines of the system without slowing our laptop down. With its two scanning engines, the G DATA AntiVirus 2012 provided two virus signature databases. On the downside, the antivirus software didn’t feature things like password protected settings, silent gamer mode, laptop battery mode and many others offered by other products in its category.

Very good overall performance

Overall performance of the latest G DATA AntiVirus was very good. When we tested it for this review it successfully protected our laptop against threat such as malware, spyware, Trojans, adware, worms, phishing scam and many more. It did that with the help of a technology called DoubleScan which uses two separate virus scanners to do an excellent thorough job of detecting threats. AV Comparatives have come to the conclusion that the product offers a detection rate of 99.6%.
When it came to updates, the G DATA AntiVirus 2012 performed them every hour automatically and it gave us the possibility to do them by hand. As for help and support, the software comes with search options and in-program help files; there’s also phone and online support.

Free download G Data Antivirus 2012