FujiFilm FinePix X100 review


A classic digital camera from FujiFilm

Fujifilm FinePix X1000 is a rather expensive gadget, but nonetheless really unlike any of the products we can find in today’s stores. Let’s take a loot at the test performed for this camera review!
Among its specifications we find a 12.3-megapixel CMOS sensor which use APS-C technology, a newly version of its proprietary Hybrid Viewfinder, a 23 mm fixed focal length F/2 lens, video recorder, a HDMI connector, an USB 2.0 port, an NP-95 Li-ion battery. Other features of this model are: total weight is 445g (including the battery and memory card), up to 12.3 million pixels resolution, 20MB of internal memory, an SDHC memory card/SD.

Elegant retro design

FujiFilm-FinePix-X100The product measures 126.5mm x 74.4 mm x 53.9 mm and it comes with a BC-65N battery charger, a shoulder strap, an USB cable for the FinePix X100, a lens cap, a metal strap clip, a protective cover, a clip attached tool, and a manual on CD-ROM.
The first thing someone sees when looking at this new camera is its elegant, retro design, kind of like the one used by famous Leica M-series. It mixes the old with the new, the traditional with the state-of-the-art. And it is easy to hold and when snapping away at pictures. But the Fujifilm X1000 is not ideal for new users. It has a large body, non-interchangeable fixed focal length lens and an emphasis on a manual way of shooting. Nonetheless this is a solid camera and the chassis is made of die-cast magnesium alloy and base plates.

Excellent photo quality

Though expensive, as mentioned above, the FinePix X1000 delivers excellent photo quality, comparable or even better that dSLRS that cost the same as our product. Tests showed that images taken at ISO 800 look very clear and good and those taken at ISO 1600 are perfectly usable; finally, the ones taken at ISO 3200 get a tad soft, but are still usable.

Impressive JPEG processing

The camera on this device is also good. The JPEG processing is great: images are natural-looking and sharp. But we encountered some distortion. Enabling the default standard film profile gives you very good color accuracy, but oversaturation of already saturated colors (reds, in particular) is a problem.
We were able to shoot 720/24p videos with this new gadget. We used control aperture and continuous autofocus and the results were good.

Not very fast

We compared the performance of the new X1000 camera to that of other, less expensive cameras and we came to the conclusion that they fare better than our product. Using the autofocus option makes matters worse. 2.6 seconds are needed from the moment you press the power button to the moment you snap a picture. We used the Quick Start feature when we wanted to yield better results, but this took away from the life of the battery. Shot lag reaches 0.5 second in good shooting conditions and 0.9 second in worse ones. Another drawback is the inconsistency of the focus.

Slow writing images on the card

We noticed that writing images to the card takes a lot of time for the FinePix X1000: about 1.7 seconds raw. For this review we tried to use manual focus or continuous autofocus to even things out, but nothing changed for the better. And then there is the burst mode, working at 5.2fps for only 2 seconds, the navigation control with its hard to use buttons, the continuous need to switch between macro and normal shooting modes and the many options for which you have to use the actual menu.

Dial Command Control technology

Among its fine points, besides the wonderful retro look, are: great manual aperture, shutter-speed, exposure compensation, metering choices, the possibility to choose the AF point, a jog dial Command Control and a raw override button.

Review conclusions

As we come to the end of this test and review, we conclude the following: those wanting to buy their first camera should look for one that is cheaper and better than the FujiFilm FinePix X1000. Those who want a fixed-focus camera and great looking landscape pictures or portraits will find in this product a good ally.

Technical specifications

* Resolution : 12.3 Megapixels.
* Sensor : APS-C CMOS.
* Memory card type : SD / SDHC / SDXC.
* Optics : Fujinon.
* Focal : 23mm, 35mm equivalent APS-C.
* Opening : F2 to F16.
* Sensitivity ISO 200 to 6400 expandable to 12800.
* Development AF includes 49 points.
* Exposure Compensation :-2.0EV to +2.0 EV.
* Shutter speed : 30 sec. to 1/4000sec.
* Burst Shooting : 5 frames per second.
* Optical viewfinder : 90% coverage.
* EVF LCD display 2.8 inch, including 1.44 million colors.
* Movie Mode : 1280 x 720 pixels HD stereo sound.
* Dimensions : 126.5 x 74.4 x 53.9 mm.