Eurocom Leopard 2.0


A high performance laptop

We really don’t know what to say about the Eurocom Leopard 2.0 if you are someone who uses a workstation daily. But we can say more than two words about this product to users who are more than passionate about gaming. These consumers will be more than willing to try this laptop once they see how kickass it looks. And when they’ll notice just how epic its graphics performance is, they’ll fall for it without turning back. In our tests, the type of performance it delivered for this review was one of the greatest ever. And we’ll talk about that and many more aspects in the following paragraphs.

Lighter than its competitors

This $3,600 Eurocom Leopard 2.0 will bedazzle with its price. But you have to know that it is cheaper than Alienware’s M18x. And yet it packs many pros.

The design will make quite the impression on first time users. Because, to put it mildly, this laptop is very big. Its 2.8″ x 17.3″ x 12″ are proof of that. It is huge, but its weight compensates for those dimensions: 12 pounds. This device is not the lightest of the lightweight, but lighter than the same Alienware M18x. While the latter was quite an edgy-looking laptop, the Leopard 2.0 stays normal. But not bland or simple. The lid is – what else? – glossy. A polishing cloth will need to stay close by if you, like us, loathe fingerprint smudges on a gadget.Eurocom-Leopard-2.0

Gaming buttons included

Trying to forget all about that glossy finish, we threw our eyes on the screen. This 18.4″ version is full HD and its resolution is made of a total of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The panel is, yet again, glossy. Oh, boy, seriously? Not again… Because of that, reflections frustrated us big time. Alas, heavens be praised: screen quality was, when we reviewed it, one of the laptop’s pros. Depth of blacks was great and colors looked natural. So in a nutshell: the display works perfectly for watching movies, playing games or writing documents in Word/Excel and so on.

Any good laptop needs a good keyboard. The model in use by this Eurocom Leopard 2.0 offers plenty of space. On its left are 8 programmable gaming buttons. They will be very useful when you are playing a game and need to quickly change your power-ups, for example. These gaming keys have backlight; the main keyboard doesn’t. The control for Volume is also backlit. Feedback and comfort are both delivered by this keyboard. The touchpad, though, is rather small. Between its mouse buttons is a fingerprint reader.

Intel Core i7-2960XM processor

Power in the case of this laptop is offered via a 2.7GHz Intel Core i7-2960XM Extreme Edition processor. Tasks are delivered really quickly. During our gaming test, the CPU and GPU managed to be loads better than Alienware’s M18x. The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.

The subwoofer and integrated 5 speakers provide good sound. Heavy games did not produce distortions while the speakers were turned on. Connectivity options are plenty.

Battery lasted for almost 2 hours. Which isn’t much, but it’s better than some of the gaming laptops made by Asus. A hard drive of 750GB and a solid-state drive of 120GB represent the laptop’s amount of storage. Parts and labor warranty is 1 year.

Review conclusion

The Eurocom Leopard 2.0 isn’t the on Juan of gadgets. It comes with cons, but its pros outweigh them. And we’re talking of high-end components, screen, connectivity options and performance.