eLocity A7


A newcomer on the tablets market

The strange-sounding eLocity A 7 is a newcomer on the tablet market and is considered by many quite a revolutionary gadget and among the most powerful and fastest iPads and even smartphones created by today’s big names. It is able to do all kinds of things in a professional manner and offers those who decide to buy it permanent access to the Internet. Being an affordable product makes it even more desirable. Here’s what impressed as well as annoyed us about the tablet in question in this review.

Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core 1Ghz CPU

Taking into consideration its high-res capacitive 7″ touch screen with 800 x 480 pixels in terms of resolution and the Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core 1Ghz CPU, the eLocity A7 was made to impress from the very first use. The display made it possible to watch HD movies in any position we could think of and we could store around 4 films on the 4GB high speed flash memory. But, if you prefer to store music or photos rather than the latest blockbuster, the gadget’s memory is capable of holding 2.000 songs or 40.000 snapshots. Users also have two options when it comes to expanded memory: either 32GB or 64GB; to translate that in numbers: you can store 50.000 music files, 1.000.000 pictures or 100 of your favorite movies. Speaking of which, the device can play virtually any video format.eLocity-A7

Responsive touchscreen

Some words now on the touchscreen. It responded quickly, even when we only brushed the tip of our finger on it, so there was no need to use a stylus as was required when testing other tablets. The virtual keyboard present here makes writing e-mails, surfing the net and other such activities a real pleasure. And, since we mentioned the Internet, the eLocity A7 enabled a smooth and easy browsing experience, support for Flash included. Internet pages looked gorgeous thanks to the display and 3rd party applications such as Opera Mini and Dolphin offered great alternatives for using the World Wide Web and there were no lags or freezes.

Airplane mode

Connectivity in the case of this tablet is made of the following: 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These two performed very well and the gadget provided us with the possibility to see the wireless status on the display for better connection management. And, if you’re traveling by plane and need to disable the Internet, the eLocity A7 sports a mode called Airplane. Here comes the best news: this device has an unlocked card slot, so users won’t have to be bothered by lengthy contracts and other such nuisances. One thing to be aware of: the speeds for download and upload purposes differ from network, traffic and location to network, traffic and location.

1.3MP webcam included

Lovers of 3D games unite! The eLocity A7 tablet is your paradise, because its processing speeds enable the possibility of playing the most complex games without the fear that the gadget will break. Should you want to access social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the product opens them for you via your PC. Apps are many – 76.000 of them – and varied: Amazon.com, Documents To Go and Adobe PDF Reader, just to name a few.

The 1.3MP webcam pre-installed on the eLocity A7 was ideal for organizing video conferences with friends and colleagues. The latter appeared clearly and the sound was very good. The battery life was good to. This device comes with 1-year warranty for labor and parts, which is a nice addition.

Review conclusion

All things considered, at the end of this review, the new eLocity A7 will surely make a great opponent for established tablet makers with its looks, performance and price.

Technical specifications

Operating SystemAndroid 2.2
CPU speed1000 Mhz
Processor typeNvidia Tegra2 (Dual Cortex A9)
Display Size7.0″ 800 X 480
Touch TechnologyCapacitive Multi-touch
Mouse PointerNO
Size (w/h/d mm)208/122/13 mm
Size (w/h/d inches)8.2/4.8/0.5
Weight463gm / 16.3 oz.
Other features
WebCam 1.3Mp
USB 2.0 cable
Stereo speakers
AC Adaptor
Ambient light sensor
Capacitive Touchscreen