Eizo Foris FS2331


First Eizo monitor for gamers

The FS2331 model is the first monitor launched by producer Eizo and it was especially manufactured for gamers. This high tech model appears to be having some problems with response time in games. But we think it’s better to see the review.


You probably know that Eizo is part of the elite of PC monitors. Usually the latter are used by professionals in image manipulation. The producers offer quality display almost every time, with very good calibration as default. However, it’s time for the Japanese company to try and expand its customer base by providing the first monitor dedicated to gamers. This is a high-end model equipped with a PVA panel (the most advanced LCD technology) whose reactivity is announced by the producer to be of 7 ms. The Foris FS2331 is full of very attractive features. But is this monitor able to become the most desired display for addicted gamers ?


eizo-foris-fs2331The Foris FS2331 doesn’t seem to be a great product while you look at it. The design is well done and the feeling is that the finish inspired a lot of durability for this monitor. The display inspires good confidence, because the body is massive and thick at the same time. Another pleasant thing is the presence of two speakers just under the LCD panel. The speakers were tested and they were able to offer a good quality of the sound. A weak point is the lack of a foot able to let you adjust the height of the monitor, since this is a popular task for players who often adjust the display’s height.

Excellent quality display

The Foris FS2331 use a special LCD panel technology called PVA (patterned vertical alignment), a technology able to offer a maximum quality of display in any condition. Colors are excellent, even in the default settings. And even more pleasant after manual calibration to the probe of color. Comparing this to a classic TN (twisted nematic) display, this one has a much higher contrast able to offer very deep blacks. The tests are conclusive: this monitor is able to offer only 0.095 cd / m2, a maximum brightness of 219cd / m2 and 0.05 cd / m2 calibrated to 124 cd / m2 brightness. Contrast ratios are very good too, about 2392:1 and 2556:1 in our tests.

Another pro is the quality of gray rendering. This is a very accurate and clear operation and we can say it provided one of the best results we have measured in our test. Gamma value is set to 2.25 in default settings and the uniformity of the backlight is well done and pleasant. A negative point (apparently) is a slight light leak on the upper left corner of the monitor when the brightness is set at its maximum of contrast. Another positive thing is the viewings angles. The PVA technology seems to be very well implemented and this monitor is able to offer very wide viewing angles. In our tests the visibility was good up to 95 ° vertically and 65° horizontally. If you compare these values to classic LCD panels you will see that they are able to offer values between 45 ° and 60 °.

Weak response time

The most unpleasant surprise was the low reaction of the panel. Measurements showed a response time of about 17 ms (a round trip between white and black of a pixel) with the overdrive set up to maximum values. However, you must know that in reality the persistence of this display is at the same level as all those good models powered by the classic LCD technology. This panel, though, is not able to fight against top models like the Asus VE278Q or models with a 120 Hz frequency and 3D compatible.

The Foris FS2331 is made for gamers, yes, but the monitor seems to be affected by a major problem while you’re gaming. The images suffer from shades and very dark, black colors which leave long trails in different moments. This is a weak point for this monitor because the images become very unpleasant in fast games. We think this thing is a shame for Eizo because this monitor has two filters with the sole purpose of improving contrast and sharpness in an image. The entire monitor seems to suffer in fast games and this is against its purpose, that of offering the best level of quality in games.

A remote control included

A pleasant surprise for this model is the remote control. The menu configuration of the Foris FS2331 is not very impressive in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. That might be so, but you have a lot of options and features and the configuration is easy to control. The small remote control (provided with the monitor) is a piece of cake to use. You have access to all its functions. This remote is good because sometimes you need to change the settings / close the display without effort. At the same time you have the possibility to switch between different video sources connected to the display (including two HDMI ports) or to change the volume of the included speakers.

Without LED technology, but Eco friendly

Consumption of energy for the Foris FS2331 is good if you think that the display’s backlight is powered by neon tubes. The monitor consumes about 37.5 Watts in operation according to our lab’s measurements. The automatic energy saving system is another positive point of this Eizo model. The incorporated sensor works fine and the light variations offer different values for the luminosity of the screen.

Review conclusion

After our tests we can offer a conclusion for the Eizo Foris FS2331 monitor. Apparently perfect, the panel has a small problem, because its reactivity is low. The foot is not adjustable in terms of height and the response time makes unpleasant shadows on the screen, a weak point which eliminates this model from gamers’ wishes. A serious con, because the monitor was launched for gamers and this high-end model is not able to provide what it promises !

Technical specifications

Display Size23 inches
Vertical Resolution1080 pixels
Horizontal resolution1920 pixels
Display Format16:09
Pitch in mm0.265
Screen TypeLCD
Contrast Ratio (X: 1)10000
Brightness300 cd / m2
Response Time in ms7
LED technologyNo LED Technology
Depth5.8 cm
Width54.9 cm
Height36.5 cm