Eizo EV2333W


A semi-professional monitor at a good price

The latest LCD monitor launched by Eizo is called EV2333W and is able to offer a high quality image at a very good price.


After the recent test of the Eizo Foris FS2331 , it’s now time for its brother: the EV2333W. This model is powered, like its sibling, by the same LCD panel that uses S-PVA technology. The producer claims that response time is about 7 ms for gray colors and 25 ms for whites and blacks in speed test. Compared to the Foris FS2331, this model seems to be dedicated to office workers and people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. The EV2333W has a sophisticated foot system, but the HDMI port and the remote are missing. The price of this version is similar to what Foris sold its previous gadgets for. This way you can choose which monitor is better for you: a display dedicated to games or a display meant for office tasks.


eizo-ev2333wEizo is one of the best producers of monitors if you look at the design and the finish of its products. This model makes the same impression at first look. The material used for the frame is good quality plastic. The monitor is made to be solid and you can transport and manipulate it without minding your every step. You must know that this device has a stereo input jack and a sound speaker. The loudspeaker is relatively weak and audio quality is not impressive at all.

Very beautiful colors

The EV2333W uses the same LCD panel as the Foris FS2331. The advantages of S-PVA are very good. You can enjoy the dimension of a 23-inch monitor and the full HD capabilities it brings you. The colors provided are very good. The level of black color, for example, is impressive. Contrast ratio is about 2980:1, a value that is pretty impressive if you compare it to a classic Twisted Nematic monitor (with a medium value of 1000:1). Because it is powered by this type of panel, the EV2333W is capable of offering good viewing angles. These values are very good: up to 92 ° horizontally and 67 ° vertically. Impressive !

A menu with weak ergonomics

Although we must admit that the image provided by this model is very good, the menu ergonomics seem to suffer. In fact, the menu is difficult to access and to use, because the buttons are located on the front of the monitor’s frame. We cannot understand the logic behind this type of arrangement, since the keys are placed in a very strange order.

Easy to use

The design and ergonomics of this monitor foot are a complete success. The design allows you to adjust the height and to pivot the panel in different positions, horizontally, vertically and in portrait mode. The idea behind this success is the use of a telescopic foot. The design is well done and the foot is simultaneously lightweight, strong and flexible. The EV2333W is pleasant to use and you can quickly change the position of the panel from landscape to the vertical, for example.

Energy consumption

The EV2333W is powered by fluorescent tubes. This is the reason why this model will not be able to compare with an LED backlight one. In our tests, consumption was about 38.7 W with maximum brightness. In stand-by, this model’s consumption is about 1 W. The producer implemented in this model few saving energy ideas. It has a responsive sensor able to capture changes in ambient light. This way, the device will reduce consumption to just 20 W in a dark room. The monitor sports a second sensor, able to “see” when the user is not in front of it. Then it will automatically go to sleep.

Review conclusions

Our test revealed a few interesting points of the Eizo EV2333W. The monitor has a 23-inch screen and a good quality of the delivered image. The price is good and the features included are very correct. This model is not a good recommendation for game players. If you need a good office monitor, this model offers just that.

Technical specifications

Display resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Panel technologyPVA
Image size16:09
Diagonal (inches)23
Brightness (cd/m2)300
Response Time7 ms
Frequency60 Hz
Contrast (1)3000
Card ReaderNo
Wall MountVesa 100 x 100 mm
V viewing angle (°)178
Viewing angle H (°)178
Height adjustmentYes
Pivot functionYes
RCA composite input (CVBS)No
Component inputs (YPbPr)No
Stereo mini-jack1
DisplayPort input1
Dimensions and weight
Total weight (kg)7.1 kg
Depth (cm)23.6 cm
Height (cm)34.6 cm
Width (cm)54.7 cm