Dell XPS 17 3D


3D technology in games

This new XPS 17 3D notebook from Dell is a device made for gamers. Apparently, its characteristics are not very impressive but Dell seems to have big plans with the new 3D technology and notebooks.


The new XPS 17 3D model has a lot of interesting features, seen for the first time on the Dell producer. This new notebook has included interesting components: a digital tuner, a powerful JBL audio kit and a Blu-ray that can emphasize its Full HD. Apparently, this 17-inch notebook looks like a very good multimedia solution, but this is not the only reason why the product was designed. Its display is able to work at a refresh rate of 120 Hz and the entire product is able to work with 3D Vision technology to give relief to your games and movies. All these features sound very good, but we must see the test and review to be sure that this product is what Dell claims it to be.


dell-xps-17-3dGame players must know that the XPS 17 3D has a weight of about 4 pounds, so it’s a monster with a good size and big screen. Like almost all Dell products, this one is made with quality, good robustness and great design.
The notebook is powered by an excellent processor (Intel Core i7 – 2630QM), a version able to offer you enough power to make the machine work well in different environments. The graphic card is another advanced feature of this model because the XPS 17 3D uses for its effects a powerful graphic card. The Nvidia GeForce GT555 is a model with 3GB GDDR3. However, let’s see the real test and review of this machine !

3D at 120 Hz display

In our tests and benchmarks, the XPS 17 supported a 3D display with no problems. If you connect the display to a source using a Full HD signal (1920 x 1080 pixels), the 17-inch screen is able to run at a frequency of 120 Hz, as such a very good value for the eye.

A bad thing about this model is that Dell don’t offer the entire Nvidia 3D Vision kit to make you experience games in 3D at their fullest. The sensor used to synchronize your eyes is located under the 17-inche display. However, a pair of active glasses is not delivered in the package with the notebook and apparently it is not available as an option. This is the reason why we were forced to use our older 3D Vision kit which we’d already purchased for other tests. You must know that it was very easy to use the pair of glasses with the laptop. The connectivity at this level is good with four USB ports and two USB 3.0 included.

Low resolution in games

We’ve tested the computer with a couple of 3D games. The sensation is not really the best one and the XPS 3D is not really able to offer all the required force for this task. We’ve tested the graphic card with a Full HD game and with anti aliasing 2x. The notebook decreases resolution at 1280 x 720 pixels, because in Full HD it’s almost impossible to play since there’s a lack of continuous image movement.
Of course that it is not recommended to force the anti aliasing setting beyond 2x. However, even with high levels of detail, the screen is able to provide you with ultra-smooth images (at about 28 FPS in Full HD ).

Noisy processor fan

If you switch off the 3D mode, the graphics performance will be double its usually great value. The benchmark of the elements is good. For example, the score in 3DMark Vantage was about 6085 points. In 3D Mark 2011, the score was 1295. That seems to be a good info for the multimedia addicted, because this machine is able to provide you enough force for it to be used as multimedia and for office tasks. A not so pleasant thing is the noise of the processor’s fan. We’ve measured about 47 dB when the processor was fully loaded. Another weak point is the high temperature from the outside. In the left part we’ve measured about 48 ° C. And this is not the first time when we’ve seen a problem like this: the first XPS 17 had the same issue at this chapter.

XPS: sound from JBL

In the display frame you will find included a JBL 2.1 kit, able to deliver amazing quality sound. In fact, the sound provided is powerful and not over-saturated. Compared to other competitors, this model is a step forward at this chapter. This is a very powerful machine in the multimedia area, since it has a built-in Blu-ray (compatible with Blu-ray 3D) and a HD tuner. Battery life is not very good. But the range of about 2:40 you get when playing video screen at 100% and the Wi-Fi should be enough to see a movie, for example.

Good display

This version of the Dell XPS 17 seems to correct a lot of problems found on previous versions. The keyboard was improved and it offers a very pleasant sensation. The touch pad is interesting and great to use, with good precision in our tests. The display is bright with values of about 355 cd / m 2 and the contrast ratio has about 847:1.They are both superb values.

Review conclusion

The latest Dell model, the XPS 17 3D 17, seems to be a good choice if you want to have a lot of fun. However, this version is not made for addicted gamers, because it doesn’t offer enough force to be able to give full 3D sensations at full HD resolution. The notebook is able to deliver good performance, but not in full HD resolution. In the multimedia department, this model seems to have good support for Blu-ray and 3D sound quality is provided by JBL. This is a good option if you need a quality product able to give you enough resources for multimedia and games in HD resolution.

Technical specifications

Operating SystemWindows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i7 – 2630QM
Type of RAMDDR3
CPU frequency (GHz)2
Amount of RAM4 GB
Rotational speed of disc 17200rpm
Capacity HDD 1 (GB)500
Screen Size (inches)17,3
Map resolution of the screen1920 x 1080 pixels
ChipsetNvidia GeForce GT 555 m
USB 2.02
USB 3.02
BatteryLithium-Ion 9 cells

  1. gary nelson at 9:43 pm

    There seems to be a major problem with the USB 3.0 ports dropping out at any time.
    They also advertise 4 dimm slots, but that is only for 3d screen and 3GB video memory.
    FHD, GT555M w 3GB memory, I7-2720QM gets only 2 dimms.

  2. Blagoran at 6:29 am

    English is not your first language is it? Some sentences were very confusing and awkwardly written.

    Thanks for review tho 🙂 and keep up the good work