Dell UltraSharp U2412M


A 24 inch PC monitor

Monitors are once more the interest of consumers who don’t want a smartphone, a tablet or a TV. It’s the sequel, so to say, of the manufacturer’s UltraSharp U2410 released 3 years ago already. So it was only normal that this new model, called UltraSharp U2412M would raise questions such as “will it live up to the old one?” Well, it might or might not. But when you have an IPS panel instead of the better kind used on the preceding version, that shouldn’t be a hard question to answer. In today’s review we will see if indeed this monitor is a bad choice or not.

No HDMI connector

You can say anything about a monitor. Except that it’s a light and thin device with a 24″ IPS panel. That is where the Dell UltraSharp U2412M kicks its rivals in their faces. This product is precisely that: thin and light. The U2410 didn’t have what this model does. Which is LED backlight and a panel which is of the E-IPS variety. It may be cost less to produce, but it’s eons better than an H-IPS panel. Since it’s that thin and light, the set is prone to move quite a lot if you knock it from its sides. When it sits on a surface that’s flat. So put it somewhere where it won’t fall from in a hurry. Options for ergonomics are more plenty than in the past. We tilted it 20 degrees back, then we pivoted it 90 degrees and, lastly, swiveled it 45 degrees both left and then right.Dell-UltraSharp-U2412M

Connectivity is made of only three options. A VGA port, a DisplayPort and a DVI port. No HDMI port will come as a disappointment. And how those options that do exist are placed is another con. Which is out instead of down. But you will finally get used to that.

Accurate colors provided

The on-screen display didn’t put up a fight when we tested it. We navigated it as easy as if we were brushing our teeth. Dell is a manufacturer that has always made the best on-screen displays. Customizing everything in sight is also very easy to do. You get many possibilities. From changing the brightness, adjusting the sharpness, the colors and so on. Only RGB values and color temps cannot be adjusted when the user is in a different preset than the RGB one. But that is only a minor con, so no worries about missing on something major.

At first, getting used to the U2412M’s IPS display was difficult. Only because it gave us that airy feeling you usually get with such things. But that doesn’t have anything to do with its quality. It’s just how we reacted to it. And its quality is great. Colors, besides looking beautiful, were also smooth and accurate. Light gray was displayed up to a very good 254 level. Dark details were preserved very well. So deep blacks were excellently deep. Black text on a white background had a clear quality to it. There were no issues with color tints. Fonts were also as clear as day. Games looked very good on this monitor, when we’ve tested the device for this review. Movies shared the same pleasant quality. You can look at this monitor from whichever angle and it will show content in the same superb quality.

Review conclusion

The Dell UltraSharp U2412M is a monitor that is a very vabluable acquisition once you decide to make it.