Dell P2411H


A smart 24-inch LED monitor by Dell

The new monitor P2411H is another representative model of Dell’s way of thinking. For the US producer, the most important elements seem to be the finish and the ergonomics. However, this way of thinking seems to make the price bigger.


Apparently the new Dell P2411H monitor seems to have a good design and a very good list of features. This monitor has a real 24-inch diagonal of the screen, compared to what its competing companies that claim their monitors to have 24 inches. In fact, most of these monitors only have 23.6 inches. However, this model is more expensive, but it offers a more ergonomic way of working and a lot of features at the same dimensions. For example, the device is powered by LED backlight technology. For this model, another concept was introduced by Dell: a gradual disappearance of the LED backlight light. It seems that Dell wants to be a step forward than its competitors. But how does this product act in reality ? This is our review !


Dell-P2411HThe new Dell P2411H seems to be more expensive than the competing names. In fact, compared to these models, the price of this one is higher: about 70 euros more money to invest in it. However, this price difference must mean something completely new in terms of features and effectiveness, too. The monitor’s finish is made of some solid material. All of the materials used for the device seem like that. The plastic is of good quality and the design is simple and good to look at. You can move or manipulate the display without any risk, because it is solid and will resist whatever you will do with it. This is the most important thing at first view: the monitor is solid and made with quality in mind.

No HDMI port

If you want to buy this model, you must know that it has a serious problem. It doesn’t ship with a HDMI or DisplayPort included in its features. Even if the monitor has two USB ports, we are very disappointed because of the lack of this type of connectivity option. Video connectivity must be done via DVI and VGA ports. There is no way to connect multiple digital sources at the same time for this product. However, another positive point of this model is the presence of internal speakers. You cannot exactly have a taste of the quality of the speakers because the HDMI connector is not present.

Good ergonomics

The new Dell P2411H Dell monitor seems to be characterized by a very interesting design of its accompanying foot. Put face to face with other devices in its respective class, the flexibility of the foot is greater than that of competing models. The ergonomics of the P2411H are great and you can change the height or you can rotate from left to right and vertically until you reach portrait mode. All these things with just a couple of movements. Impressive ! 🙂
The ergonomics are well done an the setup menu OSD, which is designed with the user in mind. You have access to a lot of settings and the buttons are accessible and easy to setup. At this chapter, Dell’s latest monitor is a step forward.

Good response time

We tested the panel of the P2411H and we have some things to report. Response time is very good (5.6 ms for a round trip between black and white). This is a good monitor for all the gamers reading us right now. Another important thing was that our optical probe showed that the grays looked very well and that the colors were relatively good, even after we used a simple Twisted Nematic display. Other characteristic is the contrast ratio with a medium value of 1047:1 (this is an average value measured in nine points) in default settings. However, the colors seem to be a little bit off for your eyes. This can be an effect of the glossy display, which is subject to numerous reflections in high lights coming from outside.

Low energy consumption

Another positive point of the Dell producer is power consumption. This model is a good representative for the US company. For our review and tests, the P2411H consumed less than 20 W during operation (with a brightness set up to about 185 cd / m 2 ). In stand-by, the monitor consumes just about 0.2 W. This is a good performance for this monitor and the competitors seem to have been defeated once more.

Review conclusion

We can say that the new Dell P2411H monitor is a good way for the company to show what it is able to do for the market of LEDs. Dell seems to be very focused on ergonomics, but seems to forget about video connectivity and HDMI ports. However, this display deserves its five stars because it is made with high quality in mind and the settings of the slab are very easy to use.

Technical specifications

Screen technologyTN + film
Display diagonal24 inch
Panel resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Image size16:09
Frequency60 Hz
Contrast (1)1000
Response Time5 ms
Dynamic Contrast (1)2000000
V viewing angle (°)160
Viewing angle H (°)170
Wall MountVesa 100 x 100 mm
Height adjustmentYes
Pivot functionYes
Front / back tiltYes
Component inputs (YPbPr)No
DisplayPort inputNo
Headphone jackNo
Dimensions and weight
Total weight (kg)5.7 kg
Width (cm)56.98
Depth (cm)18.41
Height (cm)37.83