Dell M110


A palmtop nice projector

Palmtop projectors are ideal tools when you are in need of a portable way of dealing with your presentations and such. However, they have one flaw: they do not produce a bright image. Dell observed the trends and released their newest M110. This $499 product should appeal every consumer who wants a quality projector. Its lumen rating is among the best in this category of devices. With this in mind, let us proceed with our review.

Impressive portability

Generally, palmtop projectors are renowned for their really small size. They can literally sit on the user’s palm without any problem. In the case of the Dell M110, this is also valid. The product measures 1.4″ x 4.1″ x 4.”. It is very easy to carry around. When you want to keep it safe, you can use a soft case which comes with it. But this case can also hold cables and the power block. The portability of this unit is enhanced even more with its capability of delivering image in various formats via either of the following: a microSD card, USB memory or the device’s own 1GB of internal memory. This meant, in our tests, a great pro point. We were given the possibility to leave the PC we had at our home.

The setup of the Dell M110 is very easy to do. All connectivity options sit on the rear. There is one USB A port, one miniplug jack, one connector for the product’s VGA adapter and one microSD card slot. A Kensington Lock slot is housed on the back, too. We looked hard for a USB cable to use for connecting the projector to the comp we had at home. There was none. Also, we saw no composite video adaptor. But there is a cable kit that covers every single option. However, you have to pay $79,99 for it.Dell-M110

Weak sound quality

Dell’s M110 has a lumen rating of 300. It is not brilliant, but it is great for this device’s category. During our set of tests, this meant enough brightness when we dealt with 53-inch wide images in a room that was all black. Quality of data image was usable; but it did not mean epicness, not at all. Scaling artifacts were very easy to spot and that is something which no reputed manufacturer should ever show in any of its products. That con was, however, forgotten once we saw the excellent colors displayed. They were well saturated and had high levels of vibrancy. Rainbow artifacts were also visible with the naked eye. But this is something that tends to happen with most single-chip DLP projectors.

Videos looked much better when compared to the quality of data image. Shadow detail was maintained in a more than decent manner. We noticed posterization a couple of times, but other than that skin tones were delivered really well.

We were offered poor sound. Which was a big pity. The M110 is a small projector, yes, but audio performance should not be bad. There is one speaker delivering 1W of sound. It’s simply not enough, compared with the specs of similar projects. When we were standing at a big distance from the device, we could not hear a word. We found we had to get an external sound system.Dell-M110-2

Test conclusion

The Dell M110 puts on a nice show. Which could be loads better if sound was great and there weren’t many rainbow artifacts. But if you take these 2 cons away, you are left with great portability, excellent balance of brightness and the possibility to read various file formats on the go.