Dell Inspiron 17R (17RN-3530DBK)


The $879.99 Dell Inspiron 17R (17RN-3530DBK) is not a laptop that will make it big from now on. But the job it does is still a good one nonetheless. And our review will show you that.

Right, then let’s see what specs the Dell Inspiron has. There’s a 17.3″ screen, 6GB of RAM, an SATA Hard Drive with a 5,400rpm speed and 500GB, 1600 x 900 pixels, an Nvidia GeForce GT 525M GPU, 1GB of video memory, a BD-R DL/DVDRW DL optical drive, Windows 7 Home Premium (the 64-bit version) as an OS and a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-2410M processor. Ports and other connectivity options are represented by the following: 4 USB, one HDMI, one USB 3.0, one Ethernet, one VGA, one mic jack, one headphone jack, USB/eSATA and one 8-1 card reader. As for weight and dimensions, here they are: 7.2 pounds and 16.5″ x 11.3″ x 1.2-1.3″. Internet connectivity options are WiDi 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi and a 4G WiMAX broadband.

Resolution limited to 720p

Nothing’s changed much on the front of looks. This laptop is also prone to getting dirty with fingerprints. Minus this con, we appreciated its elegant design. And the same also happened with this laptop’s keyboard when we used it to write stuff. Its buttons, though, are well-spaced and reply fast. The touchpad is of the same quality.Dell-Inspiron-17R

The Inspiron 17R has a processor that is powerful enough to make navigation and everything else in between happen fast. Performance was not plagued by lags or other annoying faults.

The screen of the Inspiron 17R comes with a webcam of 1MP. Image quality was pretty good when we talked to some friends. And the SRS speakers inside the display did not have such a great bass quality. However, on the whole sound quality was not a con.

The dimension and amount of pixels in the screen are not capable of showing movies using the high definition option. That was the reason why we could only watch content in 720p. But that content had good brightness levels, decent viewing angles and also god colors.

Good benchmarking results

Even on this model you won’t be able to escape from the addition of bloatware. But then you have that hard drive which is a good option for adding various data storage on it and access it whenever you feel like.

We compared the on-board battery with others. And we saw that it wasn’t as superb as others. The 4 hours and a half are not enough for more challenging tasks.

Dell’s latest 17RN-3530DBK laptop should have packed a better graphics unit. Because this one is not Intel’s best to date. That showed in our tests, when we did tasks that required intensive power from the GPU. And also when we played demanding games. But when we kept it simple, we got the best out of this graphics processor. Using a low resolution plan did not make things better. Instead, the laptop succeeded to produce a low fps in certain games. If you are desperate for a good gaming laptop, this model will only disappoint you.

An area where the 17RN-3530DBK produced a lot of pros was multimedia performance. All the activities we made it do scored very good figures. The Handbrake review, for example, was done in 1 minute and 35 seconds. Then we performed a Photoshop CS5 test. This one required only 3 minutes and 30 seconds to be done. These values are better than what the competition is able to offer.

Review conclusion

The Dell 17RN-3530DBK may not be the best laptop in its category. However, it does provide many nice surprises.