A new waterproof camera

Please welcome the newest entry by Contour – the Roam camera. Contour has already acquainted us with the niche it wants to conquer – namely extreme sports, designing very durable and rugged products meant for taking life outside the box.
Our team has taken ContourRoam camcorder out to the roughest environmental conditions and it has definitely exceeded our expectations.

1080p Full HD resolution

For starters, we have to mention this is probably the easiest video camera in its market segment, keeping at the same time the 1080p Full HD video feature. And since it came up, you have to know that besides 1080p you may also choose 720p or 960p video resolutions. Alternatively, if you want to take pictures you have a 5 megapixel photo camera available.
Another great asset is that the ContourRoam has available MicroSD cards, summing up to 32GB in total. Tests have shown this translates into up to eight hours of recording in 1080p. Changing one card with another when necessary takes only a few seconds, so that you don`t miss anything. The downside is that you need to purchase them separately, which means more money.ContourRoam

Affordable price

In terms of acquisition expenses, the price is at first sight not one to get excited about. But since no sacrifice is too much when getting a product of high quality and durability, you will probably appreciate the $199 price if you want to be able to film what few have ever filmed.
As we have stated above, the camera is specifically designed to help you easily explore the most difficult and even dangerous places. The Roam is tough and can splendidly take footage underwater, as it is waterproof. In normal conditions, our test performed for this review revealed that you can use it for a fairly long time at below one metre underwater. And additionally, if you purchase the

Wide-angle rotating lens

ContourRoam Waterproof Case you can scuba dive to up to 60 metres under. And liquid water is not its only friend, as you can also use it in rough snow conditions.
However, one downside is the audio recording capabilities, which have not proven very accurate in neither of the tests our team has performed for this review. And since Bluetooth is not an option, nor is the use of a wireless microphone, this is just what you will get.
One great quality of the ContourRoam is its wide-angle rotating lens. The camera is equipped with this magical feature, making it easy to record footage in a range of 170 degrees. At the same time, the camera can start recording in just two seconds. With its simple design, you only need to flick forward the top switch and it starts shooting. So if you find yourself often in the need to film a very spontaneous happening, you will love this camera.

Good battery life

Not to forget about the very useful mounts, which you can use to fixate the camera on almost any surface. You have two of them in the box, but for all the other models you will have to pay extra, as well as for any tripods you might need, the advantage being that it goes with any standard model.
Last, but not least, the ContourRoam camera has a very resistant, build-in 1350 mAh lithium-ion battery on which you can rely for more than two hours. Additionally, the battery is very easy to charge and it usually takes less than four hours to fully charge.

Review conclusion

In conclusion, you will absolutely appreciate this product provided you add two main ingredients: an extreme set-up and lots of courage. The review conclusion is clear and simple. The new ContourRoam underwater camcorder is a good acquisition at an affordable price.

Technical specifications

Format.MOV (H.264 compression)
Lens Angle170 degrees wide angle (720 and 960 modes), 1270 wide angle (1080 and 480 modes), CMOS sensor
ResolutionVideo: 1920 x 1080 @ 30/25fps, 1280 x 960 @ 30/25fpsfps, 1280 x 720 @ 30/25fps Stills:2592 x 1944 pixels
Lens Angle170 wide angle (720 and 960 modes), 1270 wide angle (1080 and 480 modes), CMOS sensor
ConnectorsUSB 2.0
MicrophoneInternal Microphone, AAC Audio Compression, Easily configurable using Story Teller.
StorageMicro SD Card, Max size 32GB (8 hours at Highest Resolution)
WaterproofWater proof to 1m
Weight145 grams including battery
BatteryRechargeable built in Lithium Ion, approx 3 hours recording
Size100mm x 55mm x 34mm