Coby Kyros MID7015


The cheapest PC tablet ever: Kyros MID 7015

We’re passing, undoubtedly, through a period that definitely belongs to the tablets. Either we’re talking of an Ipad, an Ipad 2 or a Coby Kyros MID7015, most of the tech geeks will definitely be interested of the topic of our discussion.
Speaking of Kyros Mid7015, I must say that is one of the cheapest tablets I’ve ever seen. It’s even cheaper than the Romanian Allview tablets, therefore you realize how skeptical I was when I was asked to review it.

Android 2.1 operating system

coby-kyros-mid7015-tabletFirst of all, its starting price is of only $130, therefore even without reviewing it, you know that it can not offer too high performances. After all, when it comes to technology and gadgets the golden rule makes everything simple: you get what you pay for.
Basically, Coby MID 7015 is a tablet that runs Android 2.2 or 2.1, with a 7 inch display, capable of storing a memory of 4 GB. Measuring 7.5 inches on length by 0.5 thickness and 4.8 inches on width, Coby Kyros MID 7015 is meant to be a low cost competitor for the expensive Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Not impressive design

The design doesn’t bring anything extraordinary, but unlike the other tablets, Coby MID 7015 comes with earphones, which in my opinion is a big advantage, especially for those that spend some time listening to music or working online.
As well, it was a bit to see that such a cheap tablet has a HDMI jack in order to output 3D content on TVs. As well, outside the roof there also a USB port and a microSD slot, which is quite useful for those that want an upgraded memory and works fine in my test. Though, if it is one thing I don’t like about the general aspect is the fact that the Power button is placed in such a position that the tablet can be turned off accidentally as it’s positioned right near the SD card slot.

A lot of videos fail to run

Like I said in the above lines, the display is resistive, and to be honest with you, un like the other resistive displays, it does a pretty good job. Unfortunately, if , Kyros MID 7015 comes equipped with a 2.1 Android OS, most of the web videos will not be able to run. Luckily, Youtube will work, therefore for most of the users, this should be enough.

Weak browser

As for the web browsing, Kyros MID 7015 PC tablet comes equipped with a browser that doesn’t seem to be very fast. Even though the Wi-Fi technology is pretty decent, the browser acts just like the old LAN networks.
Another thing that I’ve tested was the HD capability. Coby MID 7015, according to the specs, should be able to run a full HD screen, at a 1080p. However, the tablet wasn’t able to run at 800*400 at full HD, fact that was quite disappointing. Somehow, I was expecting this. After all, what more can you ask from a $130 tablet?

Review conclusions

As a conclusion of this test and review, Kyros MID 7015 is a tablet that is worthy to be bought only if you like to surf the net when you are outside and do not have a laptop at handy. Otherwise, if you want performance, Coby Kyros MID 7015 is definitely not the right choice.

Technical specifications

  • 7 inch Touch Screen
  • Wireless Internet
  • Watch videos on YouTube
  • Flash memory
  • 4GB internal memory
  • Micro SD card slot (expandable up to 16GB)
  • Login to your HDTV via an HDMI cable
  • Discover downloading applications to play games, follow the weather, listening to radio, and more with AppsLib
  • Download and read several books with the application included Aldiko E-book reader
  • See pages in portrait or landscape orientation detection with automatic
  • Full-size USB connection allows the connection of a keyboard on your Tablet
  • USB 2.0, fast file transfers
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.