Casio Exilim EX-ZR20


A high speed digital camera

Only less than a week to go till the CP+ show in Japan. Casio sees that as the perfect opportunity to give consumers a taste of its €279 (fr Europe) Exilim EX-ZR20, a brand new high speed compact digital camera. The product pegs itself as a way in which users will take the best photos with the minimum of efforts. The specs, technologies and features are sure to be the ideal means of achieving that. We prepared a review where we’ll talk about this device based on the tests we did on it.

Rapid Shutter technology

Casio Exilim series is very much loved for its cameras’ ability to snap pics quickly and easily. You won’t need an user’s manual to take photos with these babies. Moreover, they are full of shooting functions that further ease the experience. The Exilim EX-ZR20 keeps the exact same attributes and doubles the performance of the original Exilim models. To illustrate our point: this version has a high-speed auto focus of an excellent 0.13 second; and it needs only 0.26 second between photos. The Rapid Shutter feature is the one to make this possible.Casio-Exilim-EX-ZR20

The looks of this camera aren’t bland. Its body is compact and sends stylish vibes. This makes the reputation of the EX-ZR20 ‎ only grow stronger. The Engine HS behind this product is what brings the magic forth. This feature delivers brilliant performance; this is shown by the camera allowing for high-speed shooting and high-speed image processing. In our tests we could snap pictures pictures in rapid sequence with a single press of the shutter. And they all looked wonderful. Technologies such as Premium Auto Movie and Premium AUTO PRO prove invaluable helpers in the device’s plan to rule your photographing existence. They both enhance the quality of photos and whenever the shooting conditions aren’t good; then they analyze final results and make pics look at their best.

Good sensitivity

If you want to take photos that are fun to look at afterwards, go ahead. The EX-ZR20 has some of the most enjoyable effects for touching up on your pics; toy camera and miniature effects are both included. There’s no flash at all used by the camera. Sensitivity can reach values of ISO 12800, which is more than what other devices can say about themselves.

There’s a lot going on for this product features-wise. Starting with the already discussed Engine HS. It sports 2 very good functions: HS Night Shot and HDR-ART. Then continuing with the Premium Auto Movie and Premium AUTO PRO.

Multi Frame SR Zoom

A Wide Shot feature makes wide-angle shots very wide and the performance is powerful. Pics that look like they were shot with a single-lens reflex cam can be achieved via a feature named Blurred Background. This resulted, in the tests we did for our review, in subjects looking as accentuated as possible. The Multi Frame SR Zoom of the EX-ZR20 is known for delivering refined photos. Exactly like in the case of this digital cam. Great clarity is also attained. And high-resolution pics have never looked better than on this gadget.

Casio’s Exilim EX-ZR20 won’t be available only in the customary black. But also in the following colors: silver, purple and white.

Review conclusion

There’s no doubt about it that this camera won us over. With its performance and specifications and many functions. And the price of the Exilim EX-ZR20 doesn’t look too bad, either.

  1. Louis at 2:26 pm

    I like very much the autofocus of this model. I guess the technology behind it was designed in Japan or something. Its precision is amazing. I will recommend this model to all my friends. I hope they don’t need a black one. 🙂