Canon PowerShot SX230HS review


A popular digital camera from Canon

Canon is another popular and beloved brand worldwide. Its manufacturers have brought to light a new digital camera, the Canon PowerShot SX230HS, which promises to be yet another great gadget. Is its performance really that great? We invite you to read our review and find out.

Design similar with its predecessor

First off, let’s see what this device has to offer in terms of design. If you’ve used Canon cameras before, then you’ll have no problem with this model, because the PowerShot SX230 HS looks almost exactly like its predecessor. The body is slim, made of metal with a fine finish and light with its 2.4″ x 4.2″ x 1.3″ and 215 g; you’ll therefore have no problem carrying it around or moving it from pocket to bag and vice versa. The colors the device comes in are hot pink, black and blue. On the front of this model sit an impressive optical zoom, able to magnify up to 14x with focal distance between 1 to 5.9, 28-392mm optical zoom at 35mm equivalent and the flash; the back sports a 2.5 inch LCD screen, the Menu, Playback and Video Recording buttons, a direction pad and a scroll wheel for a quick and easy navigation through menus. During our test the display was responsive and the quality was superb, but the controls were rather small and cramped, thus uncomfortable to the touch. On the top of SX230 HS we found the zoom ring and shutter release. The main menu was extremely easy to use.Canon-PowerShot-SX230HS

A lot of possibilities

Let’s now see some of the features. The Canon PowerShot SX230HS comes with some interesting ones, such as Smart Auto, Scene mode (with its Smart Shutter feature), scene selections and settings, Creative Filters, Movie Digest mode, Wink and Face Detection Self-timers, integrated GPS receiver, CMOS sensor and Mini-HDMI and Mini-USB ports. The Smart Auto option chose the appropriate settings based on the scene we wanted to shoot and the scene selections and settings offered interesting options, such as Landscape, Foliage, Snow, Low Light, Portrait, Kids & Pets, Beach, Fireworks and Panorama Stitch Assist. With the help of the Movie Digest mode we were able to record some seconds of video in VGA quality before we took a picture during one day; this content was afterwards combined into one movie recapping our day.

Face detection included

The Wink and Face Detection Self-timers did the following when we tested the camera for our review: they set off the shutter after we winked at the camera and waited till the device detected a new face before it snapped a picture. The GPS receiver of SX230HS stored longitude and latitude data for every picture taken that we then posted on Picasa; the latter processed the location information provided by the GPS and put it on a map. Don’t forget to never leave this feature on, because it will finish the battery rather fast. Finally, the Creative Filters feature was great when we wanted to personalize a picture with effects such as Miniature, Fish-eye, Toy Camera, Poster and the like.

Very good loading time

When it came to performance, we were very impressed with its speed: only 2.2 seconds were necessary from pressing the button to actually snapping a photo. The shutter lag registered 0.5 seconds and the time between shoots registered 2.3 seconds. The quality of the photos we took with the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS was very good: they were sharp, bright and without any noise below ISO 3200. When we shot videos, the quality was pretty good at 720p.

Review conclusions

All in all, after this test and review, we must say that this digital camera was not a disappointment. There are indeed better devices out there, but the Canon PowerShot SX230HS shouldn’t be overlooked.