Canon PowerShot S95


A popular camera at a good price

When it comes to Canon and cameras, whether we’re talking about DSLRs or compact cameras, it’s obvious that it comes also to a high quality at a moderate price. Today, for instance, we’re going to test and review Canon PowerShot S95, a camera that is quite popular among people all over the world.

Not so cheap

Canon-PowerShot-S95First of all, as its price is somewhere near $399, it’s obvious that Canon S95 wasn’t meant to be a low quality product, fact that is proven by its specs: it can easily be seen that the camera comes with a resolution of max 10 MP (the maximum picture size is 3648 x 2736 pixels), and a clever digital compact design, that allows its users to take Powershot s95 with them easily as its official sizes are no bigger than 29.5 x 99.8 x 58.4 mm.

3 inch LCD display

We must say that PowerShot S95 is an updated version of the popular S90 series; therefore, there might be some similarities at these 2 cameras, but this shouldn’t be a disadvantage.
Just like its previous version, this model comes with a 3 inch LCD screen that runs a resolution of 461,000 dots. Even if high tech cameras come equipped with displays that run 1,000,000 dots, this one will do a pretty good job as it shows bright and clear pictures, just like in reality.
As concerning the lens, nothing has changed here: S95 has the same lenses as S90: 3.8x optical zoom and a f/2-4.9 maximum aperture. Nothing to say here bad, although it would have been nice to see even the slightest improvement.

Flash wrong placed

If there is one thing that is annoying at this camera, is definitely the pop-up flash. That’s because its placement is very awkward, just under the finger of the user. Basically, in the test performed for this review, the pop-up flash rises just in the moment when the picture is taken.

Automatic stabilizer

Now, as concerning the video recording, we have to say that Canon S95 has made a lot of improvements: if S90 used to have several flaws related to camera shake, this model comes with an automatic stabilizer that makes the video a whole lot clearer. However, there is still no manual control for the video files, unfortunately. Though, the quality of the video in test is very good, especially in HD mode at 720p.

Good image quality

As well, as concerning the quality of the pictures, it isn’t great but it is satisfying. Shot at max resolution, the pictures will come clear and bright, with no unwanted shades or so. As well, as concerning the ISO range, this model can easily hit 3200 at a fair and decent rate.

Review conclusion

It’s obvious that Canon PowerShot S95 it is the “living proof” that impressive hardware isn’t required to provide a good quality. As it is a family camera, you might want to put in on your list, next time when you are going to buy a camera.

Technical specifications

Sensor TypeCCD
Resolution Width in Pixel3648
Resolution Height in Pixel2736
Viewfinder TypeLCD Monitor
Memory TypeExternal Only
Optical Zoom4
Digital Zoom4
Depth in mm29.5
Height in mm58.4
Lowest Focal Length in mm28
Focal Length in mm105
Interchangeable lensNo
Screen Size3
Video CaptureVideo + Sound
Secure DigitalYes
Micro DriveNo
Compact FlashNo
Memory Stick / Memory Stick ProNo
Memory Stick Duo / Duo ProNo
Internal Memory size in MB0
Continuous shootingYes
Resolution in Pixel461000
Max Resolution Mode Video Width1280
Max Resolution Mode Video Height720
Ability to save files in RAWYes
Maximum Aperture Tele4.9
Maximum Aperture Wide2
Shutter Speed Fastest in Second1 / 1600
Shutter Speed slowest in Second15
Sensor Size1/1.7 “
Battery TypeCanon NB-6L
Image StabilizerOptical Stabilizer
DebuggingFace Detection and Smile
Shutter PriorityYes
Aperture PriorityYes
Number of frames per second in video mode30

  1. Rachael Thoma at 7:38 am

    it is the best quality compact I have used. It’s out of stock in a lot of places, but shop around. even the Big Boxes seem to have them right now (don’t pay the overinflated prices some marketplace vendors are asking). Great low-light shots; up to 3200 ISO; great IQ across most shooting situations; very compact and small; easy to use dials and menus. Good ISO.