Bose QuietComfort 15


A new over-ear headphone set

As decades came and passed, many a gadget were born out of very talented minds. But because means weren’t much to talk about, most of those products were either uncomfortable, lacked important specs/features or simply weren’t that attractive to be bought. We’re currently in 2012, and things have greatly improved. These days one of the most valued aspects when deciding on a gadget is whether or not it is comfortable if you use it for long periods of time. Bose QuietComfort 15 is an over-ear headphone set which is what you’ve been looking for if you want a casual pair of headphones.

Very comfortable to wear

If you’re not accustomed to what companies the market of headphones is home to, then Bose won’t tell you anything. If you do know your stuff, then this manufacturer will ring a bell. They have become a known name ever since they started to create headphones with noise-cancelling features. They’ve been used on a very large scale by all kinds of consumers. Greater London especially is filled with people wearing them.

The £250 QuietComfort 15 doesn’t deserve the bad reputation that Bose has to deal with from snobs. The latter claim that the company shouldn’t spend such a big amount of money on something which offers bad audio quality. But we’ll disagree with them. And we’ll use this model that we tested to prove them wrong in this review.Bose-QuietComfort-15

Comfort is the first pro in Bose’s line of defense. The headphone’s speakers’ pads are made of leather. This material applies only a very light pressure on the user’s head. When we used the QuietComfort 15, we at times actually forgot that we had something on our head. And that is an amazing victory, because the product also has to deal with its built-in AAA battery. Which is heavy, but doesn’t stick out. We can already recommend this pair of headphones based only on the invaluable feeling of comfort they offer.

Nose canceling technology

The black and silver design is left simple. The pair is not at all ostentatious. The actual name of the product indicates that you’ll deal with something which concentrates itself on comfort, not design. The softness of the ear pads is unlike what we’ve ever felt with other headphones. They are basically luxurious, to say the least. The cable that is featured with these headphones can be removed. While writing our review, we had to stop and appreciate how easy it was to just start driving the QuietComfort 15. Accessories are plenty and fun. A case to place the pair for safe-keeping, a second cable and an adaptor for when traveling by plane. But, when opening the package, we were left frustrated. Because we were overwhelmed by a business card holder choked with business cards; they were put there to advertise these headphones. For the love of God, why? So tacky.

Noise-cancelling is one of the greatest inventions. The mics included with the Bose QuietComfort 15 take care of ambient noise. The result: background noise is effectively cancelled. This pair of headphones is not quite fully enclosed, so a bit of outside noise does get in through. But it’s really less than with other models. General performance is excellent. Nearby conversations are kept out of your ears, but sound of higher frequency isn’t eliminated 100%.

Review conclusion

The Bose QuietComfort 15 is, in the end of the testing process, an almost ideal investment. The comfort they offer and the noise-cancelling feature are both really good for such a price.