BlackBerry PlayBook 7-Inch 32GB review


A professional tablet from BlackBerry ?

BlackBerry has launched what is considered to be the world’s first professional-grade tablet, namely the BlackBerry PlayBook 7-inch version. Many consider it to be the perfect choice for media, apps and games. What is more, you won’t necessarily need to buy a BlackBerry smartphone to use this device. Is this product really that great? Find out more from our review.

Smaller than iPad and Google tablet

When compared to Apple’s or Google’s 10″ tablet, the PlayBook 32GB is rather small with its 5″ x 7.5″ x 0.4″, but it compensates by weighing only 425 g. the color it comes in is an elegant black. The 7 inch multi-touch capacitive LCD screen looks stunning and has a wonderful feel; moreover, it supports 4-fingered multi-touch movements. When we performed the test of the screen, the 1024 x 600-pixel resolution offered great-looking 3D games and excellent video playback. On the front we saw no buttons, because navigation was only possible via on-screen controls. A drawback of this beautiful screen was the really small power/wake button; we had a lot of difficulty pressing it and we had to do that every time we wanted to wake the screen from sleep. On the top of the display of PlayBook sit the play/pause and volume keys. We located the micro-HDMI and micro-USB ports on the bottom of the tablet; we also found a contact for an optional charging dock.

Good stereo sound

BlackBerry-PlayBook-7-InchA 3-megapixel camera sits above the screen and the stereo speakers can be found on either side of the tablet; when we turned the device over, a 5-megapixel camera appeared; the two cameras were able to shoot videos at a resolution of 1080p and they also offered us the possibility to video chat with friends and family. The stereo speakers worked great during our testing of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
This device is one of the fastest tablets out there, thanks to its 1 GHz dual-core processor. There are 1GB of RAM and optional 32GB of internal memory and they provide storage space for media files.

QNX technology

The BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB tablet runs on the OS operating system. This one is very intuitive, powerful and it is based on the QNX technology. It provided both multitasking possibilities and smoothness of use. The on-screen keyboard that comes with the OS has very responsive and well-spaced virtual keys; numbers are all arranged on the left side.
Using the PlayBook device took some time, because there were many gestures we had to learn and afterwards remember to use; fortunately, once we got the hang of it, the tablet worked very fast.

HTML5 support

This product offers support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1, HTML5, Wireless-N Wi-Fi and Adobe Mobile AIR. They all worked superbly when we performed the review: we easily accessed sites with games, listened to music online and much more. There is also GPS for navigation and location-based services, a gyroscope and an integrated accelerometer. If you have a BlackBerry smartphone you can use the tablet’s BlackBerry Bridge feature to connect it to the tablet whenever you want to read e-mails, make a list, see what the weather is like and many more.

App World store access

We discovered many preinstalled apps and utilities on this device via the App World store: YouTube, Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook app, Kobo e-reader, Need for Speed and Tetris, camera/camcorder, video player and music playback, just to name a few. We But the browser was the one that caught our eye; this one acted like a desktop browser and we wasted no time on mobile versions of sites that are made for the usual smart screens found on smartphones.

Review conclusions

Another pro for this tablet was its battery, which managed to stay strong for many hours.
To sum it up after the test performed for this review, the BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB is a top-notch device. It managed to deliver every promise its manufacturers ever made.

Technical specifications

the height of the product:24.1 inches
Product Width:5.1 inches
Screen Size:10.1 inches
Number of processors:1
Size of RAM:1 GB
Type of computer memory:SDRAM
Hard Drive
Hard Drive Size:32 GB
HDD Interface:Solid State
Type of wireless technology:802.11bgn, 802.11a, Bluetooth