Best wireless mouse 2011


Top rated PC and laptop mouses

The wireless mouse was first launched 20 years ago by Logitech. Apple introduced its own wireless mouse on the market 8 years ago. Since then, wireless mice have gone a long way: their design is more appealing and the performance is much better in 2011.
Why to search and buy the best wireless mouse ? Because they’re much more comfortable to use than the uncomfortable touchpads, they free up a lot of space on your desk and, most importantly, they come with no annoying cables like normal mice do.

Which are the types of mice

There are two types of wireless mouses. One is used for laptops and the other is used for PCs. These days, laser wireless and optical mice work on Bluetooth and other similar Radio Frequency connectivity and their setup consists of 2 things: a transmitter and a receiver.
Here is our list with some of the best rated wireless mice available on markets in 2011.

Logitech M555b

The Logitech M555b is in Top 3 of best rated wireless mice in 2011. This device offers good quality, which translates into great speed in scrolling; what is more, the M555b model is very comfortable to use with its ambidextrous possibility.
Some of its features: Hyper-Scroll, cloth carrying case, 2 required AA batteries, battery life indicator and compatibility with Windows 7, XP, Vista, Mac 10.4 or later. The Hyper-Scroll feature enables you to quickly move through big documents or websites.
The Logitech M555b wireless mouse comes with a 3-year warranty and customer support (offered via telephone and Internet) is excellent.Logitech-M555b

Microsoft Notebook Mouse

This wireless mouse occupied second place in an online Top 3 of best rated 2011 wireless mice. While it’s not a good-looking device, it sure works in an almost perfect fashion and is indicated for laptop and notebook users.
The Microsoft Notebook Mouse is a really small and light wireless mouse, with two remarkable buttons which make navigation extremely easy and give a comfortable feel when you use the device. Like the Logitech M555b product, this one is also ideal for right-handed and left-handed people.
Let’s see what features this Microsoft Notebook Mouse has to offer: carrying case for transportation, already mentioned thumb keys, back button, 1.000 dots per inch resolution and batteries; moreover, this product works with Windows 7, XP and Vista. Batteries need to be changed every 3 months and there’s a 3-year warranty, like in the case of the Logitech

Logitech V470

Another very good wireless mouse is the Logitech V470, thanks to its stylish looks, features, performance, responsiveness, comfort, high optical resolution, compatibility with most Windows operating systems and great customer service.
If you don’t like black devices, you will be pleased to know that this wireless mouse comes in various different colors and has a warranty of 3 years. On the downside, the Logitech V470 is rather heavy when compared to other wireless mice and the battery has to be changed, as was the case with the ones included with the Logitech M555b and the Microsoft Notebook Mouse products.
Features: 9 meters range, four-way scrolling, 1.500 dots per inch resolution, compatibility with most Windows operating systems and Mac operating systems (10.4 or later) and a cloth carrying case.Logitech-V470-best-wireless-mouse-2011

Apple Magic Mouse

The Apple Magic Mouse was chosen best 2011 wireless mouse by several specialized Internet sites. Customers and experts alike were very impressed by its futuristic design, performance, features, multi-touch possibility and excellent customer support. Other big pluses (the first one is maybe not so great for all customers): the entire surface of this device is clickable and the fact that the product works perfectly for both right-handed and left-handed people.
Here are some features of the Apple Magic Mouse: 1.300 dots per inch (dpi) optical resolution, momentum scroll, compatibility with Mac operating systems, two-fingered swipe, 2 AA batteries, four-way scrolling, plastic carrying case, 10 meter range and a 1-year warranty.Apple-Magic-Mouse

Targus Rechargeable Mouse

The Targus Rechargeable Bluetooth Laser Mouse the most expensive wireless mouse in our best rated wireless mouse in 2011 list and one of the lightest devices on the market nowadays.
Some of its advantages: comfort in use, 9 meters range, great responsiveness (thanks to the 1,600 dots per inch resolution), USB cord (for charging purposes), high optical resolution (when compared to the other wireless devices), battery life indicator light and compatibility with most recent Windows operating systems and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
The device comes with a small carrying case and 1-year warranty. People from Customer service are very responsive and helpful. Targus-Rechargeable-mouse