Best Wireless Keyboard 2012


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Keyboards are like mice, speakers and other products: they need to be efficient or else they risk to be thrown out of the window. Wireless keyboards are especially hard to come by and that is the reason we made a list of the best ones we liked the most out of what the last months of 2011 and first months of 2012 produced. Maybe in it you’ll find the best one you want to own because it sounds like your ideal type.

Microsoft 6000

We’ll debut this sort of top of the best wireless keyboards 2012 with the Microsoft 6000, a $48.86 beauty that takes very good care of your hands so that they won’t find discomfort while typing. This advantage is set in motion by a design whose Comfort Curve name throws a hint at the natural position it offers your hands to make them feel good when writing something. The wrist rest area helps with keeping a good posture for your wrists and they make sure you won’t injure them by doing repetitive actions. The buttons were thought as a way to perform smooth and fluid keystrokes that need much less pressure to give a response and which have an increase in productivity. The Microsoft 6000 recommends itself with a strong build, too, and with the fact that it is compatible with Windows XP, 7 and Vista as well as Mac OS X 10.4 (and higher); software is provided for consumers whose computers run Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3. The battery doesn’t resist quite that well, but it’s certainly not pathetic.Microsoft-6000

Logitech Solar K750

The $79.99 Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is an epitome of sophistication and protection of the environment due to the battery and no PVC material policy. The price itself indicates that this is something which will give a very good performance. And indeed it does. It is a full-sized keyboard that offers a numerical keypad and you won’t see any cables in the recyclable box it comes in. The weight is very light and the comfortable typing experience will leave a deep and positive first impression. The finish is glossy, therefore prone to acquiring fingerprints, but if you don’t remove the protective film used the Solar Keyboard K750, fingerprints will stay away. No palm rest is sported by this keyboard, and yet the user’s wrists won’t start to hurt: the low thickness of the unit and its work surface provide a suitable resting area. The height can be changed via the product’s legs. This type of keyboard features a typing system called PerfectStroke; what it does is to distribute typing force in an even way across the surface of the button with the aid of a concave keycap design and a typing mechanism known as scissor switch, while the latter makes distance key travel much shorter, so that typing becomes very quiet, shows no lags and is smoother. The battery recharges through sun power.Logitech-Solar-K750

Logitech K350

The $59.99 Logitech K350 is the third wireless keyboard we added to our “best of” list and the second one to be interested in the well-being of the user’s hands and wrists. The creators made it as comfortable and as close to feeling natural as they could and they started that by adding a curved layout with buttons that are all very well-spaced and sized. People’s fingers are, naturally, not of the same length and the Logitech K350 knows it and it provides a frame shaped like a wave boasting mechanical buttons that differ in height. And then there’s a surface for palm rest. The keyboard can be used from a range of 9 meters and the connectivity is 2.4 GHz. This product, like the other two before it, offers connection to a computer through its device-networking receiver. An impressive 36 months is what the battery has in store.Logitech-K350

Logitech Illuminated K800

We’re not getting paid by Logitech to promote their products, but their $99.99 Illuminated K800 wireless keyboard is among the best ones we used in our 2012 tests. The masterminds at Logitech have devised this product for people who need illumination – when they do their work at night – and a comfortable space to type and rest their fingers, palms and wrists while doing so. The PerfectStroke key system is present on this keyboard as well and thank heavens for that, because we don’t like loud keyboards that wake even the dead with the noise their buttons do when touched. The batteries can easily be recharged with the microUSB cable that Logitech includes. The Logitech Unifying receiver works with a 2.4 GHz RF connectivity and its range is the usual 9 meters.Logitech-Illuminated-K800

The conclusion

These were, in conclusion, the four wireless keyboards we decided to feature on this page for our readers because we thought they were the best of their kind. An update to this list will happen as soon as we test other such products in the following months of 2012.

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    “but if you don’t remove the protective film used the Solar Keyboard K750, fingerprints will stay away”, and so will your fingers because it will look hideous.