Best Samsung Laptops 2012


The most rated notebooks

If you are prepared to invest in a Samsung laptop because you heard they’re among the best companies to produce such devices, but you are clueless of what model is meant for you, we drafted a list and put on it what we found to be the most well-received and best laptops made by Samsung and available in 2012. Let’s see how they sound like, what their performance is like and so on.

Samsung R590

$1159.11 R590 has a lot going on to make it one of Samsung’s most popular laptops in our “best of” 2012 list, because it sure knows how to please both the consumer’s eye and their desire to possess a device that is powerful and reliable. If you get this product, it will be like you were using a desktop. Computing tasks done everyday won’t slow the laptop down and video encoding or photo editing, which are known to demand more power, will work smoothly and won’t cause the Samsung R590 to break down. And you can play any game you love, since this laptop will deliver a good gaming experience. The display has everything required to offer the right watching environment. The 3 hours that the battery is capable of delivering won’t be too much of a life span for some, but we didn’t mind, as we could get all work done within that amount of time; DVD playback empties the battery after two hours. The screen is prone to reflections and the body is glossy, so it will attract many fingerprints, but, if you can look past that, Samsung’s R590 is another successful story coming all the way from South Korea.Samsung-R590

Samsung R780

Samsung R780 – 17.3″ is a $992.51 laptop that will create a buzz between consumers who want a device that’s portable and also not a slacker when it comes to performance. The same as the R590, the light R780 can replace a desktop as simple as that. The 17 inch screen is not fit for watching movies in high definition, but it is a very capable one for everything else. The processor is apt at moving very quickly when the user is multitasking. Not all games can be played at their best resolution, but this laptop is able to let you play less demanding games which have medium resolution demands. Again, the battery lacks greatness with its only 2 hours and a half while doing several tasks and 1 hour and a half when playing a DVD, but then again that seems to be the norm with these Samsung laptops. All things considered, Samsung’s R780 is a very good example to illustrate the “best value for money” saying.Samsung-R780

Series 9 NP900X3A-A03US

$1.549.99 Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A-A03US is a product that promises a new direction for the company in 2012, and that is the move to super light laptops made from very solid duralumin that don’t forget to deliver a fantastic performance. This laptop was chose to make part from our top rated Samsung laptops in 2012 because is a perfect combination of work and entertainment-related activities while bringing portability to a whole new level of awesome. Users have already admired the design of the Series 9 NP900X3A-A03US, saying that it looks like a very fine piece of art, as well as the display and its excellent quality. The CPU, besides taking consumers on a speedy ride, offers them breathtaking gaming possibilities. If you are after a laptop that can play games in 3D, this one responds to your wishes in a way that won’t let you down. The 128 GB solid state drive is a very generous storage option and it lowers consumption of power while at the same time enhancing performance; there will be less noise and the device won’t get hot easily. The battery astonished us with its 6 hours and a half of

Series 7 Chronos 700Z5A

Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z5A comes with a $1484.58 price and it’s totally worth it. The signature beautiful design is one attraction that will make you fall head over heels for this laptop. The specifications configured on the Series 7 Chronos 700Z5A are among the most evolved on any other laptop we tested in 2012 and they convey a sense of using a truly outstanding product. The processor is one of the best on the market and is capable to fulfill any desire related to whatever activity you have in mind for it; a 750GB (with 7.200rpm hard drive) and 8GB of RAM are part of this success. Games that are requesting a lot from a laptop will find their match in this laptop that is able to play them smoothly and without a glitch in

The conclusion

That’s all from us and our list of best Samsung laptops in 2012. It’s not an exhaustive list as of yet, because we are still expecting new releases to be unveiled till the end of the year. Until that moment comes, feel free to keep an eye on this post in the future.