Best PC Speakers 2012


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Sound is a major issue to think about when you look for the best speakers for your computer. They have to be just right or else you’ll risk not hearing movies or songs like they were intended to be heard. A good pair of speakers can have a huge impact and we at have taken on us the task of discovering the best PC speakers in 2012. You’ll find our list below.

Logitech Z320

Logitech has the power to create wondrous gadgets and their $49.99 Z320 offerings are the best yet at the beginning of 2012. The price might be low, but the performance sure isn’t. Everything starts with a design that’s really beautiful and their shapes make it possible for them to direct the sound right at the user’s head so that nothing else stands in the way and the audio quality is rich. The response of the frequency is 70Hz-20KHz, so more bass sounds are provided at a consistent level. Batteries cannot be installed and so the user will have to connect the system to a power source. An 8-inch mini stereo auxiliary jack provides connectivity to an MP3 player and the Logitech Z320 works extremely well with iPhones, iPods and iPads. If you have a pair of headphones you can connect them to the unit and start listening to music; an RCA adapter provides connectivity to a console for gaming and to a system used for home entertainment. Thanks to the drivers that fire forward and backward, the Z320 sound can be heard from both sides. The performance is a winner and different sounds offered by rock music, game scores, movie soundtracks and more are very clear and resonate well.Logitech-Z320

Hercules XPS 2.0 30

If you want to be able to take your music everywhere, then the $54.95 Hercules XPS 2.0 30 PC speakers are right down your alley. In the design area there’s nothing super fancy to talk about, but the product’s purpose is not to win a beauty contest, but to be easy to utilize and taken on a picnic. The Hercules XPS 2.0 30, like the Logitech Z320, doesn’t feature options for including a battery. Unlike those speakers, these consume more power: 24W. Connecting the system to a PC is achievable through an auxiliary input that measures 3.5mm; to connect the unit to a laptop, the only thing to do is to plug it into the port for headphones. If you don’t to do that, you can connect the headphones to the product’s headphone jack. Power consumption is sure big, but the quality the sound has is impeccable, with a frequency response of 80Hz-20kHz bringing its contribution. The Hercules XPS 2.0 30 has a sensitivity of 80dB.Hercules-XPS-2.0-30


Sony is making one heck of a good job in the computer speakers area. The $28.99 External PC Speakers SRS-A3/BLK look like they were born to outshine most of the competition. The four most important attributes of a system such as this are reliable performance, compact body, portability and come-hither design. The SRS-A3/BLK have them all and more. Frequency response is situated at 100Hz-20kHz and it is enough for the human ear to perceive every tone and high note in a song. Sensitivity reaches 80dB, which is a very good figure. The Sony External PC Speakers SRS-A3/BLK give the best number in the power consumption test performed in 2012, just 5W. PCs, MP3 players, iPods and everything else connect to the system via one single connector, and that is a brilliant 3.5mm TRS. The jack sitting on the unit’s front has no other business than to receive a pair of headphones and make it unnecessary to connect them to a computer to enjoy songs. Extreme precision, resonance, clarity and richness are the best epithets these speakers can receive and the fact that the sound comes right at your head instead of your chest gains extra points for Sony’s External PC Speakers SRS-A3/BLK.Sony-SRS-A3-BLK

Cyber Acoustics CA-896

The cheapest speakers for a computer in 2012 are the $26.95 Cyber Acoustics CA-896. The response of the frequency is one of the most mind-blowing on any other product: 20Hz-20kHz. This practically means that each and every single note of a song is delivered. Sensitivity is also 80dB and, should there be a problem with power dropping, the Cyber Acoustics CA-896 will not blow into a million pieces. Even the energy consumption is kept at a good level: 10W. Ports are offered in good numbers, so there’s one for headphones, a 3.5mm jack and one USB. On a performance level, the CA-896 is simply perfect: songs sound extremely clear and crisp and the volume makes the unit ideal for parties.Cyber-Acoustics-CA-896

The conclusion

Such are the PC speakers we view as the best at the beginning of 2012. There are 11 more months to go till the end of this year and companies promise new speakers as time goes further. We’ll keep an eye and ear on their press releases and add recent products to this list.