Best laptop brand


Which are the best notebook brands ?

Did you grow tired of your old PC? Is it not working as it should? Then you’ll have to buy a laptop, but that won’t be an easy thing to do. There are many brands that make great laptops and that’s why having to choose from so many options is really hard. Besides, reading reviews of a certain brand doesn’t really help things, because each of us is different and as such will use a laptop for a different purpose or will be impressed by other features.

What to take into consideration ?

You’ll have to think very well before you decide on a certain brand. There are many things to take into consideration: purpose (playing games, watching movies, listening to music), features, looks, power, performance, hardware, software and, finally, price.
Here is a list of some of the best laptop brands currently on the market. Let’s see the top ten best laptop brands of the moment !


Dell is considered one of the best laptop brand available at the moment. They are affordable, they come in a variety of models and sub-models and offer good performance. There are many customization und upgrading options on a Dell laptop when compared to devices offered by other brands.
Their customer service is in need of an

Hewlett Packard

This company is one of the oldest out there and it shows in the quality of the laptops they offer. As in the case of Dell, HP also offers a lot of different models. Customers worldwide are very pleased with them, as they are durable, long lasting and reliable; moreover, they are also affordable.
If you have problems, the customer service is there to help and it actually works. The web support works very well.hewlett-packard-logo


Apple laptops are very popular and well-loved by users everywhere. The American company offers MacBooks, G4, iBooks and many more products. Apple laptops are known for their great performance, good looks and few security problems. People and reviewers also praise them for their versatility, because they combine media and business.
Their customer service is considered by many as the best in the


Compaq opened shop 29 years ago and the first devices they launched were the famous desktop computers. Nowadays they might become the number one on the list of best laptop brands. They work great, are affordable, durable and also reliable due to the advanced technology the company possesses.compaq-logo


Acer is even older than Compaq: the company was established 35 years ago and is well-known for offering a variation of cheap but good quality laptop models. The Aspire One laptops are very popular with customers as a result of that value. The design of these devices, on the other hand, is disappointing. Moreover, the company faces everyday competition from Dell and ASUS.
Moreover, their customer service is one of the worst out there. acer-logo


The Japanese brand offers laptops that are either praised or frowned upon. Some think they offers good quality in terms of processors (they use AMD and Intel), technology and reliability. Others say they still has various problems that the company needs to solve.
Some of them is the average customer


Asus laptops are not that known on the market. It is a shame, because they are innovative, they offer good value, a nice design, ultra-low voltage processors, superb battery life (up to 8 hours on a single charge) and reliability. The ASUS Eee PC line is one of their best ones.asus-logo


The company is world-renowned for its Sony VAIO series. Their laptops are as good as the ones coming from Apple. Although expensive, Sony laptops will give you great quality for the price. They look very appealing, are solid and reliable.
Customer service works


ThinkPads and IdeaPads are considered to be one some of the coolest notebooks around. The reason: they offer many features and are a great option for students and people working in the business sector. They both feature a solid design, excellent keyboards and trackpads. The IdeaPad U laptops look very good, work well but the battery life dies pretty quickly. Also, reliability isn’t a forte. Lenovo offer good customer service.lenovo-logo


Samsung have little by little tried to expand on the laptop market as well and results look promising. Unfortunately there’s a problem with the design of their laptops; it started two years ago and it continues to show itself in newer models. Reliability is also an issue and website customer support isn’t really helpful. samsung-logo