Best gaming laptop 2011


Which is the best gamer notebook in 2011 ?

If someone wants to be blown away by the quality that today’s games have to offer, then he or she should consider buying a gaming notebook.
However, buying such a gaming device can be a tricky thing. There are many great gadgets on the market to choose from and each of them has some unique feature that another one lacks.

Difficult to choose

Before you go into a store to search the best gaming laptop from 2011, you must take into account factors like build quality, hardware (like processors, hard drive and such), features that you love the most in a gaming laptop, the price and many more. But most of all you’ll have to consider the graphics card, because it’s the one element that ascertains whether a laptop will let you play a certain game or more in the best of conditions. The GPU is another important aspect to take into account before you want to buy a gaming notebook. You have to bear in mind that the GPU will have to be a powerful one such as Nvidia and AMD. The latter also come in dual GPU configurations; these are called Crossfire (or SLI) for Nvidia’s GeForce and Mobility Radeon series (for AMD). Currently, Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 485M occupies first place, while Mobility Radeon comes second. Battery life plays another essential role in the performance of a gaming laptop.
These being said, here are some of the best gaming notebooks available on the market.

Alienware M11x

Dell have bought Alienware five years ago. The result: better quality laptops that are meant for gaming. The first models launched by the American company were the M15x and the M17x. Nowadays there’s a new Alienware laptop in town: the M11x. This one is the smallest device in the world and it offers, among other things, an impressive 11″ screen, a 256GB Solid State Drive, 3D and Nvidia GeForce GT 335M graphics card (with 1.024MB of video memory). It’s also light (it weighs 2 kg) and it’s a very powerful little device. Alienware-M11x


The performance of this gaming laptop is amazing thanks to its revolutionary quad-core Intel Core i7-720QM processor and the AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, launched in 2011. The screen is very appealing with its 15.6″ screen and full HD 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution. Once you turn it on, everything looks superb: colors are excellent, details appear sharp and brightness is amazing. The Blu-ray drive and the 1TB of storage are excellent bonuses. MSI-GX660R


VAIO are known worldwide to offer great laptops at great prices. As expected, their latest gaming notebook does exactly that. The performance and the graphics power are fabulous; the reason: its Nvidia GeForce GT 230M GPU and Intel Core i7-740M processor. They make playing games and watching HD content a smooth operation. The speed of this gadget is amazing; other laptops such as HP’s Elitebook 8440p and Apple’s MacBook Pro are left well behind. The screen has 16.4″ and it offers great image quality with sharp detail, great contrast and color.
You will therefore be able to use this product both when you work, study, watch a movie or play games (online or not). Sony-VAIO-VPC-F12M0E-B

Alienware M17x

The other gaming laptop coming from the famous Alienware is the M17x has an improved design when compared to other models. It also features a technology called Intel Sandy Bridge with the Sandy Bridge Core i7 processor and it functions in 3D. However, it is a rather heavy device; but it makes up with its battery life: the laptop can go for up to 175 minutes on a charge.
Games work excellent thanks to the two ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card and you will feel very comfortable when using the keyboard, because it is large and comes with an equally big touchpad. alienware-m17x

HP Pavilion dv8-1250ea

The HP Pavilion dv8-1250ea is another 2011 great gaming laptop from HP’s big-screen media centre category due to its 18.4″ screen that makes this device perfect for desktop use. It’s also rather heavy, but, like the Alienware M17x, battery life is impressive: 174 minutes when you play a game. Performance is great because this notebook runs on a quad-core 1.6GHz Intel Core i7 720QM processor. The Nvidia GeForce GT 230M GPU makes for excellent graphics performance; you will therefore be able to play games at good speeds. The CPU can reach up to 2.8GHz.hp-pavilion-dv8-1250ea

Which is the best gaming laptop ?

With the HP Pavilion dv8-1250ea ends our top of the best gaming laptops in 2011. We hope it will help you choose a laptop that will make your future gaming experience an unforgettable one.