Best gaming headset 2011


Top rated headphones for games

Gaming headsets are nowadays the latest trend among technology addicts. in 2011 they are becoming more and more popular because speakers have become old-fashioned. Why? They don’t offer such good sound quality and they don’t block background noises. This is a major drawback if all you want to do is play an exciting game, the neighbor’s kid is crying his or her eyes out and your speakers can’t block the sound.

A lot of features to follow

Therefore, if you want to fully enjoy your game, you will have to buy a gaming headset. And herein lays the difficulty: there are many good gaming headsets these days; you will have to consider sound, animation, graphics, textures and price before you buy such a product.
Here is a list of the best gaming headsets in 2011.

Sennheiser PC333D

The German company that’s specialized in designing and producing consumer and high fidelity products also manufactures what are some of the most beloved gaming headsets on markets worldwide. Their latest PC333D model received a lot of praise from both users and gaming experts.
The Sennheiser PC333D is one of the smallest products in its range, one of the best top rated headphones from gamers. It comes with headphone-in and mic-in ports and a button that enables the Dolby feature. Its body is made of plastic and it feels very comfortable on the ears; a major advantage: one of its cups bends back at an angle, keeping you connected to what’s happening around you. But don’t let that make you think that this headset doesn’t eliminate background noises, because it does that very well. The mic works well.
Cons: this model is rather expensive.Sennheiser-PC333D

Logitech G930

The Logitech G930 is considered to be the best of the best in the gaming headset department. Everything about it is appealing to users everywhere: audio performance is fabulous, you can charge them during usage and unplug them when the battery is full and they are also very comfortable to wear.
As all devices, this one also has some flaws: you will hear no sound at all for a few seconds, the buttons located on the side won’t always let you smoothly control the Windows media center option and the price is higher than Sennheiser’s PC333D.Logitech-G930

Ear Force X11

The Earforce X11 is another great gaming headset, top rated in 2011 as it offers excellent stereo sound. This device has some really nice possibilities: you can mute or alter the volume on the mic to focus on the game you’re playing, you can block background noises and you can connect it to a USB port via a cord that will give you accessibility without having to use a battery or power supply. Moreover, the microphone helps you hear what you are saying.
Earforce’s X11 is a great choice for Xbox and PC gamers.Ear-Force-X11

Roccat 5.1 Kave

Roccat are well-known for their stylish gaming products and the 5.1 Kave gaming headset is no exception.
This device boasts vibration units, 6 speakers (3 on each headphone), rotatable mic, a remote and a blue LED light at the top.
The 6 speakers are arranged at angles of 12 degrees; this is done so that the headset obtains the 5.1 effect. The sound coming from these speakers is great, with both treble and bass being clearer than on other headsets. The microphone cancels background noises and the LED light indicates if the mute option is on or off. Finally, the remote control has two functions: it controls front, centre and rear volume settings and also the bass level.Roccat-5.1-Kave

Sony DR-GA500

The Sony DR-GA500 was produced specifically for people who enjoy playing games and it actually looks like something from a game. This headset offers the following: 7.1 channel output for the stereo connector, a large digital signal processing unit and an array of options.
On the downside, you will notice that loud noises are muted and subtle ones are enhanced, which can be quite weird; what is more, this headset is not as comfortable as you’d expect.Sony-DR-GA500

Ear Force X41

This gaming headset is another best rated gaming headset coming from Ear Force and a really great addition to Xbox gamers thanks to its Double Digital multichannel audio and its Bass Boost feature.
The Chat Boost is another great addition to the Ear Force X41 gaming headsets: this one automatically changes the chat level so that you’ll be able to listen to another player. The RF transmits without having to be in the line of sight and there’s the option to add a couple of cable headphones that feature similar audio quality. Finally, this device comes with a battery booster that expands the battery’s life for 25 hours. Ear-Force-X41