Best Free Android Apps 2012


The most important freeware applications

The Android operating system is a favorite among many users of tablet, smartphone and other mobile gadgets. There is an approximate number of 400.000 apps for this OS and they have been created ever since Android came into business, until now, in 2012. The number is rumored to increase till the end of this year. Some of these tools can be downloaded for free from a Market made especially for Android, while others cost money. On this page we will concentrate on some of the best free apps we encountered along the way. Or along the tests, to be precise.

1. FlighBoard

For people who practically live in an airport and want to find out when their next flight lands or takes off, the FlighBoard app has a total of 1400 airlines (updated in January 2012), 4000 international airports and route maps for each of them. All the info is provided in real time, so you won’t miss anything important, and the interface is very beautiful. Data can also be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other such platforms. Charter flights are not shown.

2. Episodes

And, since we started with an app for travelers, we’ll continue with one that will keep them occupied while they wait for their plane to land or those who are already on a flight and want to kill some time. The Episodes application gives access to favorite American TV series and TV shows so you won’t lose the next episode from neither of them.Episodes-app

3. The Calorific

People who mind their health should try the Calorific app. This one keeps you informed on how many calories your food contains and on ways to improve your diet. It also tells you if you drank enough water and it includes the Atkins diet plan, one of the best of the moment.

4. Cloud Print app

The Cloud Print app is a wonderful tool for printing stuff on a smartphone from other apps in a wireless manner. The setup is easy peasy and, after it’s downloaded onto your device, it starts to work the next second. The service it uses is provided by Google.

5. WordPress for Android

Owners of blogs on popular WordPress platform now have a way of keeping track of their activity with an Open Source application called WordPress for Android. It allows bloggers to write posts, respond to comments and so on in an easy way; the new Dashboard user interface certainly looks very good, not to mention that the new editor enables on the go posting. This apps comes with support for blogs working with and self-hosted WordPress versions 3.0 and higher.

6. Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation is an app that should definitely not be forgotten. The only requirement is that your smartphone has to have Android 1.6 or above and, if it has, the possibilities this tool opens are unlimited. The update in particular features turn-by-turn voice navigation. What’s so great about this app, besides what we said earlier, is that, even the GPS signal dies, Google Maps Navigation continues to keep the user on track.

7. Work Clock

Work Clock is the kind of app that is tailored for people who want to know the amount of time they spend on a project for work. It delivers a lot of precision when it comes to client reporting as well as billing. The app has a dashboard widget to better keep track of things and it comes with support for performing several activities simultaneously.

8. Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android is another star of the app world. Of course the features are not the same as the ones offered by the actual Facebook platform, but even so an update was made available: Inbox support. The latter enables users to write on their own walls, post photos, respond to comments and such in (almost) real time. Stability and speed are two of the most important qualities of this app.

9. Google Goggle

A rather unusual application, Google Goggles lets the user capture pictures with the smartphone’s camera which are then analyzed by Google; the engine returns afterwards with a page displaying search results for what it considers the user was looking at. The inconvenience of this app is that it’s a QR code reader, which translates into scanning of barcodes.

10. Dropbox

Dropbox will no doubt be an invaluable tool for a lot of people who need something that can sync various things they want synced. This application gives a performance that’s completely stellar: the user can download files to their smartphone and then either edit or share them with people who are close to him. It is all done quickly and without headaches.

Android is bound to launch even more apps in 2012 as demand increases from smartphone and tablet owners, so our list is open to new additions in the future. Don’t forget to check our blog for more information on the subject.

  1. Brian Lee at 11:26 am

    I think another nice app is “Draw something”. I have installed on my smartphone and until now, works very well. Nice suggestions here. I will test it very soon ! 🙂