Best eReader 2011


Which are the best rated ebook readers ?

Since the first eReader was launched by Sony 4 years ago, an ever increasing number of people have started to read books on ebook readers devices, because they find the latter more convenient; they are light, slim and can contain an unlimited amount of digital books. Not to mention that customers consider the best eReader products of 2011 as more good-looking and cheaper than books printed on paper. They feature LCD screens, e-mail, a flash web browser and even the possibility to play games.
eReaders have changed a lot since Sony decided to launch its first reading device. Here is a list with some of nowadays best eReaders in 2011.

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is considered by many to be the product that made eReaders score high in terms of popularity and bring huge profits to Amazon. Is one of the best rated ebook readers in 2011. It is made to contain 3.500 books, there’s a text-to-speech function and the battery lasts ~10 days with the wireless option turned on.
Last year in July, the company announced it wanted to launch two new versions of its eReaders, namely Kindle Wi-Fi and Kindle 3G.Amazon-Kindle

Amazon Kindle 3

This eReader was officially launched last year in September. Despite being expensive, this device helps you buy and read books easy and convenient.

The Amazon Kindle 3 has a Pearl high contrast 6″ E-Ink screen which makes reading a very comfortable experience, even when the light is really bright; moreover, text is sharp but it doesn’t hurt your eyes. When it comes to design, this gadget is beautiful, slim and very light. Battery life is good.

The 3G connectivity gives you direct access to a variety of newspaper, e-books and magazines worldwide.Amazon-Kindle-3

Sony PRS-300 Reader Pocket Edition

Sony’s PRS-300 Reader Pocket Edition was first launched 2 years ago but is still one of the best rated eReaders in 2011. Back then it was the cheapest eReader, but not anymore; the apparition of Nook and Kindle eReaders changed things to its disadvantage.
This device comes with a 5″ E-Ink display which makes it very comfortable to read a book at home and afterwards carry the eReader with you to work or school. The quality of the text is very good; you’ll be especially impressed by the white levels the display offers.
Among Sony’s PRS-300 Reader Pocket Edition advantages we notice the following: support of open formats, the ability to borrow e-books from local libraries and its superb battery life.Sony-PRS-300-Reader-Pocket-Edition

BeBook Club

BeBook Club’s creators, Endless Ideas, launched this eReader with the idea to offer people a simple device at an affordable price. In terms of specifications, this device includes a 6″ Vizplex E-Ink screen, 600 x 800 resolution, 510MB of internal memory (upgradeable to 4GB) and an external SD card slot.
When compared to Amazon Kindle, the BeBook Club eReader lets you buy an e-book from any e-book store and load it onto your device. Other than that, you can upload almost any e-book format on it; some examples: HTML, PDF, TXT, JPEG, PNG and BMP.
Unfortunately, the BeBook Club eReader has no touchscreen, no Wi-Fi and no Internet browsing. But what it does have are the following: the ability to listen to audio, fast refresh rates and great battery life.BeBook-Club

Barnes & Noble Nook (1st Gen)

This eReader was also launched two years ago and proved to be very popular back then, even in 2011 because is one of the best rated ebook readers by customers. Why: because of its black-and-white E-Ink main display, color touchscreen and external cards to improve the device’s memory.
The Barnes & Noble Nook (1st Gen) supports non-proprietary formats and features free wireless.Barnes-Noble-Nook-1st-Gen

Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Barnes & Noble Nook was followed by the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, which doesn’t feature the former’s double-screen with a black-and-white main screen and its smaller touchscreen placed at the bottom of the device. This new eReader has an LCD screen that occupies the whole product.Barnes-Nobles-Nook-Color

Sony PRS-900 Reader Daily Edition

This device is Sony’s best eReader. It comes with a 7″ screen, touch navigation and 3G wireless. Its main problem: the screen is not antiglare and it displays a lot of gray.Sony-PRS-900-Reader-Daily-Edition

Sony PRS-350

The Sony PRS-350 is among the best eReaders out there. It’s a solid and very light little device, with its 5″ E-Ink Pearl screen, good-looks (it’s made of brushed aluminum), 2GB internal memory, very good battery life, touchscreen, 16 shades of gray and support for formats such as TXT, PDF, JPEG and others. On the downside, this device doesn’t come with either 3G or Wi-Fi possibilities.Sony-PRS-350

Kobo eReader Touch Edition

This device is not as good as the Nook Touch one, but it’s worth a try.
The Kobo eReader Touch Edition is a compact and light product. Among its specifications we find touchscreen navigation, expansion slot for additional memory, integrated web browser, built-in Wi-Fi and good battery. Unfortunately, this eReader has no audio support and the selection of newspapers and magazines is not the best; moreover, you won’t be able to lend book titles out to your friends or family.Kobo-eReader-Touch-Edition