Best computer speakers 2011


Which are the most powerful computer speakers in 2011 ?

If you’re tired of or annoyed with speakers on your desktop or laptop, perhaps you should consider buying PC speakers, as their sound quality is vastly superior to that on other devices.
But, as in the case with gaming laptops, choosing the best computer speakers in 2011 can be very hard. There are many excellent ones on the market. Once again you’ll have to ask yourself “Why do I need new speakers?” Perhaps you want to improve your listening experience when you watch a movie or listen to a song? Or maybe you want to play a game on your computer and the sound quality is an important factor for you. Therefore personal needs play an important role in going to the store and buying the best speakers.

The price is important

Another aspect to take into consideration is the budget: some of the better PC speakers out there are more expensive than others; that’s not saying that cheaper ones offer horrible sound quality, on the contrary. It’s best to get them at a price that is somewhere in the middle: neither too expensive, nor too cheap.

The candidates

Here are 6 computer speakers which are the candidates to the best computer speakers you can choose from in 2011.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602

Cyber Acoustics are known for delivering quality products at good prices since the mid 80s.
This model is little known on the market, but it has received good reviews on both Amazon and Wize; the latter gave it 168.5 stars, while the former 109.5. It is also among the products that won’t affect your wallet considerably.
The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 has the following specifications: 2 satellite speakers, separate desktop control pod for power, volume and bass and, finally, a cradle for MP3s. The product excels with its desktop control, headphone jack and LED light. Some drawbacks: the speakers aren’t protected with a covering and the bass can hurt your ears.Cyber-Acoustics-CA-3602

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

The Harman Kardon Soundsticks III Computer Speakers are among the few PC speakers that have their own exhibit at New York’s Museum of Modern Art; the reason: their futuristic looks.
Cnet and PCMag have only great things to say about it: both sites picked the latest Harman Kardon Soundsticks series as editor’s choice because of its great sound quality and unique design.
These speakers feature 10-watt amplifiers and also 1 low frequency subwoofer that is set in motion by a 20-watt amplifier for bass. The frequency response range is between 44Hz and 20Hz. With this model you will be able to connect to different devices.
Unfortunately, the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III don’t come with a remote control or a headphone jack.Harman-Kardon-Soundsticks-III

M-Audio Studiophile AV 40

This model is among the largest and heaviest ones on the market. It delivers fabulous sound and ample low end bass due to the fact that each speaker features 20 watts, 3/4 -inch tweeters and also 4-inch polypropylene-coated woofers.
The M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Computer Speakers come with integrated bass boost switch, RCA inputs (on each of the speakers), headphone jack and 3.5mm jack. M-Audio-Studiophile-AV-40

Logitech Z623

Logitech is another well-known brand on the market; the company offers good quality products at affordable prices.
This model is good-looking and works great. Its specifications: 2.35 watts satellite speakers, 130 watt subwoofer and various inputs for connecting various devices to it.
PCMag and Amazon both regard the Logitech Z623 Computer Speakers as one of the best PC speakers out there due to their power, clarity and price.
But, as with the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III, there’s no remote control for this model, cables can’t be removed and the subwoofer is rather big. Logitech-Z623

Audioengine 2 Multi-Media

The compact and powerful Audioengine 2 Multi-Media Computer Speakers come with 15 watts of power for each speaker, 2 audio inputs (for the mini-jack and RCA), silk tweeters, AC adapter, Kevlar woofers and auto-sleep power saving mode.
This model received a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, PCMag and Cnet thanks to its compactness and sound clarity.
On the down side, there is no remote control, the price is a bit too high and the bass level is not that good.Audioengine-2-Multi-Media

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless

These PC speakers have received a lot of awards in their category due to their excellent sound quality. They come, among other specifications, with a USB wireless transmitter that has the ability to stream audio from your PC to the speaker system from a distance of 9 meters.
There are 2 satellite speakers and a subwoofer; the total voltage: 120 watts. One of the great advantages of the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless Computer Speakers is the following: you can use Apple’s Remote Application to access iTunes on your computer from your iPhone.
As with other PC speakers mentioned above, this model features no remote control. Klipsch-ProMedia-2.1-Wireless